Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Time For New Leaders (Santa Clarita)

HOSPITAL PARKING: TimBen Boydston expressed the city and county formulas regarding the "lack of adequate parking" for the hospital. If you have used the hospital campus facility you factually know this. Adjacent residential neighborhoods are being daily inconvenienced with the hospital overflow in the front of their homes.
G&L Realty isn't responsible for the lack of parking at the hospital but they are in the position to remedy it. G&L is a business so their interest is in getting their financial return for keeping the hospital afloat. Unfortunately the really don’t exhibit goodwill towards the citizens of Santa Clarita. However the hospital is still in the arrears. The hospital staff were asleep at the switch when prior hospital expansions were made, so inadequate parking is exponentially lacking at approximately 500 spaces. You ask why would a business not want to make it convenient for customers? Because the business is lopsided in their thinking, that of only making money. Parking needs to be remedied.

HOSPITAL BUILDING: Speaking of money, Seaver is anguished over the City Council fight and the G&L Realty medical business venture which require tight rope walking to keep the hospital afloat with hundreds of millions in the red each year. The "outsider" realty group controls the hospital and interested in making a profit by creating medical buildings to attract other professional medical practices and clinics. It is presumed once built; they will encourage the sale of the hospital. Without the medical buildings G & L says the hospital isn't a buyer’s magnet. The City is willing to bail out the hospital if it guarantees that a prenatal section, improved surgical care, and needed beds are added immediately. However, G&L says this isn’t a selling point. Consequently, the hospital's future is in the hands of ‘a white knight outsider’ who rescued the hospital from closure. The community demands more beds, improved services, and more medical professionals and experts that otherwise are located in communities 20 and 30 miles away. To establish these businesses locally you need added incentives to bring them here.

I would be a crying Seaver also with this dilemma. But in my humble opinion, having a major “insider” Santa Claria player buy out G&L Realty, sell bonds, whatever it takes and complete the needs of SC with a nonprofit hospital that needs biotechnological updating, specialized medicine, and state of the art customer care.
Second, buy out the MRF builder project and put the bed expansion project in Canyon Country, an area in desperate need of medical attention.

Third, take the space that G&L owned and put your hospital parking spaces there. Plan and build to the least amount of congestion on the back side of the hospital, more hospital beds. Do not remove or kill the trees. Come to a firm conclusion of the parking structure's height and build the medical office space in Newhall, near enough but where the increased revenue will rejuvenate a dying economic area. Put jobs up for bids, rookies need not apply, cut out the cronyism, set a deadline and demand the builders stick to it.

Do not put Ender on the City Council. She is not her own person or up on the issues. I can't believe Congressman Buck would demean her publicly by saying she is the instrument which he can use to deal with CEMEX. The woman isn’t a dummy she just isn’t up on the ramifications of large issues. Give her time to grow more
Remember Feinstein said even if CEMEX is bought out, another entity can come in and buy that same space and the city will have to revisit the issue again. Understandably, the City doesn't have the money to purchase the CEMEX mine. Find a mega billion dollar environmental entity to buy out CEMEX that isn't interested in the mines contents, but for the sake of the residents (yeah I maybe dreaming here) and then have the city to purchase the mine outright.

Release Kellar from the City Council so he can make personal money in real estate; continue developing huge community fundraisers and building the Art Center with the assistance of his realtors for a City War Chest. Recognize that Bob Spierer is a great manager not a leader and encourage him to make money with Kellar building the Art Center, a state of the art police station and developing community safety fundraisers.

And last but not lease, vote a third time for Maria Gutzeit, an independent chemical engineer, a policy wonk, who has carefully representing the interests of this community and doesn't mind stepping on a few toes because she is not owned by any of these aforementioned groups.

And then let's figure out in two years how to sweep out the disgusting obnoxious behaving of Mayor pro tem Frank Ferry from the City Council and the Lauren "taming of the shrew" West. Then let us put our heads together to find two financial law-abiding, tested, compassionate leaders that Santa Clarita who we can be proud of. TimBen will you be available in two years? Now who is the second person?

Minerva Williams,
Mighty Thunder

Red Phone Scipt

Believe it or not Casey Knowles, 17 years old, who appears as an 8-year old sleeping in Clinton’s red phone advertisement, is a Precinct Captain in Washington for Obama 2008.

The actually stock footage purchased by the Clinton campaign from Getty Images is ten years old. Her brother recognized her from the 10-year old advertisement footage, originally intended for a railroad commercial. Knowles suggests taking the edginess off of the Clinton advertisement by putting her in an ad with Obama today. At this writing however, I haven’t heard whether or Knowles’ request has been answered to appear in a 2008 Obama advertisement.

So from this I gathered the following . . . where the commercial ended with the beautiful bedroom scene of the child dreaming from the red phone advertisement slowly you see the sun rising throughout the room, birds chirping, toilet flushing, car starting up, sound of fried bacon and the mother comes back into the room.
Mother: Wake up Kasey!

Kasey: (Kasey looks up slowly to a sweetly smiling mom) “Good morning mom”. (17 years old wrestles out of bed puts on her slippers).
Camera: Pans the room with usual teen paraphernalia on the walls Stevie Wonder, other current rock stars, models, snow globe collection, jewelry, makeup, stockings around the mirror, and panning ends at a picture of Obama “Change you can believe in Poster”.

Mother: (Walks out of the room, dropping off a pile of clothes and closes the door).

Camera: Focuses on Kasey’s face only. (Increase sound of teen rock music from 94.7 or other Power station, door slams. Camera moves to a hurried silhouette of Kasey walking to the bathroom. cuts to the sight out of her window of paper boy on a bike, kids walking in pairs with backpacks, a mother standing in a doorway bending over zipping a jacket.
Voice over: So what happens to a dreaming 8-year old having a fearing parent concerned about the red phone ringing in the White House? The child wakes up from the nightmare, the next morning and is an active, latte liberal of hope for Obama in the 2008 Presidential Campaign.
Kasey: (Putting on her Obama gear, phone to the ear). “Brianna, Boy did I have a bad dream, will tell you about when I see you. I’ll be there within the hour, check with Michael we’ll pick him up too”.
Camera: Fades slowly but follows Kasey running down the stairs.
Kasey: (She runs down the stairs w/backpack on her shoulder. Kisses her mom and dad. She plobs down. She grabs a piece of toast, several pieces of bacon, some jam. Camera pans the table showing a brother, a sister, mom and dad all energic interacting, seeming as though they are all having a healthy but hectic breakfast of cantelope, scrambled eggs, wheat toast, honey, bacon, slices of oranges on a plate and a bowl of grapes.
Next scene: Kacey in a room full of Obama workers making phone calls, serious looks on their faces while talking on the phone (inaudible).
Camera pans to clip shots on a long wall:
A.) A huge rally showing Obama and Michelle on stage waving to the crowd.
B.) Democratic leaders are shown interacting with Obama.
C.) Young students, young professionals of various diversities exchanging campaign materials for Obama.
D.) Crowds standing in line at polling center.
(Cheering crowd noise in the background very low then up to audible).
Voice over: Fear mongering is for kids…7 years of manufactured fear from the Republican party. Change we can believe in. Then read Obama’s credentials or accomplishments, (choose only three) then end “with Diplomacy, intelligence and compassion. He’ll lead us with progressive qualities strongly needed.
Need we say more . . .”

Fade to Obama for Change you can believe in poster, freeze frame.

End of story.


Clinton's Long Nose

“I remember landing under sniper fire”, says Hillary at a St. Patrick’s Day rally. With the caption “Ready to Bring our Troops Home” on the front of the podium. Jeff Greenfield says “this is a misstatement of fact”. Keeping track of the “embellishing”, The Washington Post says that Clinton has given 4 misstatements so far.

If she were Pinocchio would her nose be a twig by now? Or maybe she is a fan of Groucho Marx who said, “Are you going to believe me or your lying eyes” regarding her trip to Bosnia March 25, 1996. In her book she recalls the situation but doesn’t say anything about sniper fire.

Sinbad says that “all they were worried about was when we were going to eat lunch”.There were children all around her. Her daughter was even with her. Yes the military was visibly everywhere but she is the First Lady with child going into Tuzla, Bosnia after the war was over but to encourage the troops during the clean up.

Cheryl Akis, the young impressionable CBS embedded journalist on the trip that day, says that Clinton may be taunting battle-tested experience but riding with Clinton she remembers a completely different story and provided the film. Admitting that the media had received reports from the military that there were hostilities still going on miles away in the hills, but not Clinton’s account, “I remember landing under sniper fire”. (There was no sound of sniper fire). “It was suppose to be a some kind of greeting ceremony at the airport but instead we just ran with our heads down to get the vehicles so we could get to our base”. You didn’t see any one running or any quick movement. She walked casually with Chelsea to waiting soldiers. There was a young child handing her some flowers which Clinton bent over and accepted. She posed for a picture with the child and other young people. You see Clinton smiling. No signs of stress whatsoever. You see Chelsea and her walking and greeting more troops. Later at the Navy base you see her walking up stairs to the stage mike. Clinton is smiling, waving and greeting the troops. Later you see footage of her singing at the show. Again, no visible signs of stress, anguish or worry. She appears with Cheryl Crow and Sinbad (the comedian). This is supposed to be a battle testing experience?

This is to make it appear that she is the person to call at 3:00am in the morning? This is the person running for President of the United States who is giving an example and recalling her tough foreign ability stance. So far I haven’t heard any media response of this incident with Cheryl Crow who was also on the plane.

Later on the news, Lissa Muscatine, her wide eyed staff person says it really isn’t a misstatement because there was sniper fire that you could hear in the mountains surrounding the area that they were having to land in where the reception was supposed to occur. After reviewing the video footage and interviewing the CBS media that was on the plane with Clinton, she has subsequently said that “I misstated”. Feigning that it was a while ago and maybe she doesn’t remember it with such clarity. The real question is “why lie in the first place?” Did she really believe that the media wouldn’t fact check? Cheryl Akis, doing the fact check, simply says that ‘politics should match the video tape’.

Well in defense of Hillary, because I am a Democrat, did Hillary think that the media wouldn’t be doing their job considering the performance of the media for the past seven years and the “free passes” they constantly have given Bush. You might think this gives her fodder for thinking this. So is this exactly what she was counting on, “a free pass”?

Come on Obama, the Hope we are looking for, bring it on . . . I’m going to say the word. We are sick of this “lying”. Now I said it. “Li-yar Li-yar pants on fi-yar”.

Minerva Williams,
Mighty Thunder

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


FINALLY: Obama is punching back. Clinton stated that even though she is in second place with the delegates and superdelegates that Obama should still concede to being Vice President and she'll be the President. The pundits are saying that Obama has finally responded to the post-it note she put on him that says "kick me, kick me". Clinton's camp says Obama may not have the international skills but maybe he can acquire them by August Convention time. What an insult! But then again, the spokesperson says "they don't know how". Don't tick your teeth yet, check this out. . .

Overall: They just announced on the local news that Eggs are up 66%, cheese is up 16%, vegetables up 25% and gas is up to $3.65/gallon. It is projected that gas will be $4.00/gallon this summer, so get ready! That bike shop down the street says their prices are going up too. People are turning their cars in for the "hybrids" and compacts again. I'm looking for a pair of boot skates.

Dining out, the commentator said, is cheaper when you have a large family. The news camera was spanning a large smörgåsbord type place, couldn't see the name of the establishment. This reminded me of one of the "elegant" ladies of the DNC saying this weekend that she had no shame and took some sandwich bags when she went to the Sizzler's, she got get some strawberries, cantaloupe and tomatoes. With these prices farmers are being hit hard too because they are loosing .5% a week because stores aren't buying as much. Imagine what the homeless are feeling.


Good Morning my friend. In the news, a man having a late night walk in the serene Palmdale area was shoot in the middle of the chest with an arrow. He was found in the middle of a major intersection at 2:00 am in the morning, he was taking a late night stroll because sometimes he had problems sleeping at night. People thought he had been hit by a car because cars were weaving to get out of the way, however they didn't see or hear the hit. The man wasn't moving but of course no one stopped to find out. After an hour, some kids standing at a bus stop ran over to see what caused him to fall. They rolled him over. He was bleeding and coughing profusely. Channel Nine's news team was interviewing two of the kids, visibly uncontrollably sobbing, trying to explain while waiting on the ambulance as one kid held him, the man wrestled to stay alive. "He was trying to talk but nothing was coming out but clumps of blood!!" Simultaneously and obviously unrehearsed, the young boys with wrinkled foreheads, bucked eyes, mouth widened, took turns squealing "it was the worst thing (choked) that I have ever (chocked) seen and witnessed in our lives". From the time the man was shot, until the ambulance arrived, the man laid an hour. Was this why they were crying? They suddenly realized with cell phones in their pockets, they could have saved the man if they had only called immediately.

Stunningly, Governor Elliott Spitzer, married twenty years, father of three girls, is involved in a worldwide prostitution trafficking ring. Call it puzzlement and incredulous. Spitzer is a highly taunted supporter of Hillary Clinton and one of her superdelegates. Have you heard about this yet? You would think after fighting so hard to become governor and being the "ultimate Mr. Clean” prosecutor he'd quietly resign and go away, consequently, he is fighting the allegations ala clintonish with a high priced New York attorney firm. A law e
nforcement representative said, "if it hadn't been for the large ups and downs in his banking account they wouldn't have figured him out as Client # 9, Room 871 at some swanky hotel. 50 women (to date) from around the world have been trafficked into the United States, starting at $1,000 to $5,000/per hour. This rate does not include transportation, room and board, air fare, jewelry, gifts, citizenship papers, etc. that are also charged". Makes you wonder what act these ladies do? Why would a man risk it all? One comedian joke yesterday "is it too late to hit on Mrs. Spitzer, the second angriest woman in New York". Of course, he was implying that Hillary Clinton is still angry over Bill’s actions.

Another joke, "maybe she and Hillary need to start a Powerful Men who Cheat on their Wife Club". Another joke, "while the woman is standing there they may as well be standing there with a burqua on, what reason would you stand their crushed, humiliated and looking disheveled? Why aren't American women appalled by their husbands’ behavior? Is their power that intriguing to them too? Now we know the secret behind Hillary running for Office, she knows it is "her turn" to be Queen of the Nation and that natty Obama needs to get out of my way, that's why Bill is taking swats at him”. And the tee hee laughter continues. To me this isn’t funny, it is a sad commentary of where we are going Ladies and Gentlemen, and it is time for an attitude change. Being betrayed hurts, it hurts deeply. I know.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Clinton's Dream Team

The conservative voters are being excluded from the nest now that Independent McCain is the republican candidate for President. Rumors are everywhere that he should think about Huckabee as his running mate “to bring them in”. We only hope that his running mate is healthy, fit and is the republican equivalent of “an Obama”.

Do you think Charlie Crist would be a good candidate? There were suggestions that McCain would do well to put an ad in the newspaper because the bar is so low anyway with this present administration. Anyone from the street would be better and a step up from the decisions that they have made for the American citizenry. Somehow the media is still silent on how much the decisions the present administration has made have affected our economy, our healthcare, our international relations, and the admiration the world had for us? There are jokes that McCain can find a running mate at any Shadey Pines Residence home because they’ll need someone who shares his old “KILL EM” diplomacy, war ideas of another 100 years in Iraq and immigration because anyone with any youth won’t agree to any of them.

Hillary is implying a possibility that she and Obama could be being the “Dream team” ticket for the Democratic Party. I cringe at that idea. How could you trust Bill and her in the White House “sucking up all the air” as the vice presidential team?

It was unthinkable that negative Clinton would be where she is today. There are 16 more states to go. I disagree with the disenfranchisement of the Floridians and Michigan voters still being on the table. $18 million to put on primary when you consider the billions of dollars that years of goodwill, remembering the 2000 problems with Floridians, Michigan’s landscape is so economically repressed, they need something to emotionally uplift them. We need to hear their voices and delegates. How could anyone who believes in Democratic rule not count their votes? Did the Democratic leaders in Florida and Michigan understand their decision to move up their date would cause them to be excluded? So after the mischief makers in Florida and Michigan changed the dates the Florida and Michigan voters have to pay for the revote? I don’t get it.

Bill Clinton said if she wins Texas and Ohio she has been vitalized and considered the ultimate political chess player, he must be somewhere happy as a sissy in a prison camp.

Barack’s strength is in his speeches and being specific about Clinton. Hillary’s low point is the war, even though she recently recanted being for it. She used the red phone, appealing to single women. She is described as “pros” and “she delivers”. Barack’s high point is that he didn’t vote for the war but against McCain this may be a strong point. He is described as “poetry” and “he inspires”. However the media giants and political pros say both candidates are needed to beat McCain. Because McCain does believe in the war, has huge money support now, has the republican machine backing him which is absolutely AWESOME and a study in public relations psychology and “kicking ass”.

A commentary said that Hillary using two strategies “Populace”, “yes we will” and “tough”.
She attracted Texas seniors, low income, and new immigrants.

Seems like the schizophrenic press core hammered on Barack for a week and in the process assisted Clinton with her heavy negativity, win this week. The two killing one another also ended up making McCain seem “admirable”… The Clinton communication leaders are saying that after April 15 that Clinton will provide full disclose on her finances. I didn’t hear whether this includes those that contributed to Bill Clinton’s library or not. Full disclosure on Tony Rizzco financial information is being volley back by the Hillary campaign. Tit for tat you say?

The states Mississippi, Wyoming and Pennsylvania are next Barack will hopefully win Mississippi, West Virginia, Wyoming and Puerto Rico. Hillary will probably win Pennsylvania and Indiana. But don’t hold your breath there is more to come . . .

Minerva Williams,
Hillary’s Wrong Answer

Cause is not being reviewed as to why Clinton needs to use scare tactics in the red phone answering at 3am in the morning. Those points in the recent Clinton’s decision making advertising campaign are a joke. Why doesn’t the American people get it? She already responded to the 3am in the morning call, last I heard we are fighting on two fronts; Afghanistan and Iraq! Bush didn’t mastermind this alone, he had “manufactured consent”.

That little child sleeping comfortably . . . have you seen a child trying to sleep when they know their parent (the military takes ladies too now) are “over there” fighting a war “for your independence and democracy”? How about the kid whose father or mother is now dead? We don’t see flag draped coffins because the Bush Administration said it would destroy momentum and it was a law against media doing so and little is still isn’t covered in the news. That child doesn’t sleep in his or her bed anymore. They are sleeping in the beds with their surviving parent! And Lord knows what goes on in the mind of a child when both parents are ‘doing their duty’. Isn’t it a hoot and a holler that it is ‘doing their duty’ when the rich man wants you to do something. The rich don’t like their kids being shot up. Have you seen the excitement over Queen Elizabeth’s grandson going to the war? Oh my god the terrorists will kill him, bring him home. Well the terrorists are shooting at my cousins and the lady down the street’s son. Bring them home. Don’t you see America, the middle class and the poor are the ones going? Look who benefits from the war? Is it you and I?

Hillary isn’t revealing her financial picture, because she still wants to have folks believe they are struggling. She is struggling to demean and destroy Barack. And at “any means necessary” as you may too young to remember Malcolm X said. I feel I am witnessing the thousand cuts she is administering to Obama. They are slow, deliberate and deep cuts. Personally I don’t like it. I wish he would “aggress” on her. But I am not running for office. Lately she also seems to know how to strategically place African Americans, Hispanics, Japanese, and Chinese behind her, and the other large disenfranchised groups around her to give the impression that she loves us all. I am not convinced. If she will cut him 1000 times she’ll cut us 1000 times and use us all the way to Dynasty II, the White House. Yes, at one time, I respected the fact that she was “victimized by Bill” but now I believe without a doubt, she can not only hold her own, she knows his Jones is too heavy for her so she looks the other way. I’d love to interview Chelsea and get some perspective. Chelsea appears to be a young woman, not a girl, who has deep knowledge of the political process and chooses to move cautiously and deliberately for her mom. I wonder in a few years will she be running for Senator, then, Vice President of the United States. It seems we love those dynasty situations like Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, who too have benefited for their citizen’s “doing their duty”.

Well little kiddies your mother or father has passed away because Hillary made the wrong answer to that red phone call and all she can say after considerable hounding by the media is “a regrettable mistake”. We are up to 3900 dead and this doesn’t count those that died in the German and Maryland hospitals when soldiers made it from Iraq, suicides are alarmingly up too. This doesn’t count the family strain, limbs lost, mental rehabilitations, financial potential loss, economic strains, medical bills, standing in pharmaceutical and doctor lines and the subsequent chemicals in the soldiers bodies which are only seen in their off springs. Hillary there still isn’t any universal healthcare, and you and Bill had eight years to make that happen. Hillary may be logical but the continuation of the 1953 cause of the Middle Eastern problem, is why we must be engaged when a 3’oclock in the morning phone call comes in the first place.

Eisenhower took over the 10 years of Iranian Democratic government rule and had that leader replaced with the CIA takeover and “placement” the Shah of Iran. This terrible occupation we never hear about from our local media and it was over Iranians nationalization “their” oil.

Iran has been a pain in the arse, as Jaime Bradford would say, ever since Iran figured out how to get rid of the Shah. Now regrettably the nation has moved back to the “draconian era” of running a tightened Moslem based country that many Americans don’t understand, haven’t been educated on, and god help us if it is ever explained to us without editorializing from the fourth estate, the almighty media. IF we took the time to have an informed estate give us the position of the mullah’s rule we just might get it. The key to some of the debacle is that Great Britain was loosing its twenty year economic siphoning of Iranian gas. Iranians woke up and realized this wasn’t a good deal. When someone comes into your country and offer a 70/30 split because they are capable of manufacturing your biggest commodity. Receiving 30% split with all of your inhabitants doesn’t add up to fair. On top of that Great Britain redrew the lines in the sand after World War I and the Middle East hasn’t been the same since. Imagine someone drawing a line down the middle of your sovereign neighborhood. On one side the neighborhood belongs to one country and the opposite side becomes property of a second country. Keep in mind that you have been neighbors for thousands of years. One side is supported by the United States and the other side doesn’t get any support. The residences on the right side become affluent, still part of your family, but unable to share their bounty because they are suddenly told that they are the better section. How long do you think it will take for either group of residents to begin believing their better than you gives them rights to belittle, harm, and ignore you? Although disputed as unscientific, remember the brown eyed and blue eyed test also known as “informed consent” by Jane Elliott’s 3rd grade class? The psychology test in the 1968, the day after MLK, Jr died the teacher showed how children with the opportunity to play with great equipment were called superior and those that couldn’t were separated and told they couldn’t socialize with the “superior kids”. Students were able to develop superior attitudes about one another in less than three hours and they were children pretending. You don’t need science to know when you are being hurt. Remember the Berkeley tests on prisoners? That test didn’t last 8 hours and it was out of control with college students who knew they were “acting a part” were treated as either “guards” or “prisoners”. http://www.prisonexp.org/faq.htm Now these tests are considered unethical. Philip Zimbardo's book The Lucifer Effect: Understanding How Good People Turn Evil (2007, Random House). Do you believe the Brits knew this when they drew the lines in the sand? Do you believe they knew what they were doing when they started playing one side against the other? We’re talking trained intelligence officers, ladies and gentlemen. I believe so but it does give you something to think about doesn’t it? And we are going to try to correct this kind of thinking that has been perpetuated for 80 years of “informed consent” while we are figuring on expediting the release of “their oil”?

Good luck Obama winning the election in November, you intuitive, compassionate, God filled and intelligent person. And then there is the traditional option of Hillary answering the red phone.

Minerva Williams,
Mighty Thunder

Friday, March 7, 2008

From Mole Hill to Mountain

February 25, 2008 Hillary supporters, “making a mountain out of a mole hill” again, why don’t you all just grow up? When the going get’s tough the tough gets real “silly”. So the man put on headdress and a cover and you want to continue conveying to people that Obama is a Moslem when he told you that he was not. So are the Hillary campaign leaders causing voters to think that Obama is a Moslem again? Haven’t we heard enough explanations for what his name means. Aren’t these scare tactics normally done on the phone and called push polling. Obama has been vetted by our United States Senate. He said he wasn’t a Moslem. He has been a member of the same Christian church for over twenty years. His church exclaims pride in being an African-American. So if I saw Hillary in traditional dress of another country, I would call her a secret member of that group to question her patriotism and religiosity? Give me a break!! But again, does this mean that Hillary’s supporters don’t want any members of the American Moslem community to vote for her? So if a moslem did vote for her would she throw their votes back? I guess Bush dancing with the Kenyans this week makes him a secret African now? Oh, that’s right you better not bring up his name, that causes too many people to snear. He couldn’t possible be acting as an Ambassador of the United States, now that is to diplomatic and all Hillary is looking for is a good “verbal and fist fight”. Kinda makes you wonder what really does go on behind closed doors with Bill and Hillary. And as for the big yellow Bumble bee sweatshirt, Hillary, you should have been showing that casual loveable side a long time ago. But watch out you media folks, she smiles sweetly, makes endearing comments, brings you donuts, shakes your hand, then bites your head off as soon as you print the truth so wait until the plane lands before you email that story.

Fear Mongering

Fear mongering and the hardest job in the world is being commanded by an individual who in the past has shown she made a “3,890 deadly” wrong decision. American troops have died because of the Congressional decisions made to send troups to Iraq. Those that have made it back are having to deal with mania, sleep disorders, lost limps, suicidal thoughts and holding a thought.
US intelligence are saying it is a matter of “when” not “if” Americans will have to deal with the threat of being attacked by Al Quaeda. Remember Al Quaeda are Moslem troups that we trained originally to fight the Russians, now they are our largest fear. Shouldn’t we be sitting down and discussing “what went wrong” before it gets worst? These public fear statements that are being made are the same statements we have heard since Bush’s 2nd term. Senator Dodd says that he hopes an attack on America doesn’t happen. We need to focus on judgment, character, life experience and co-existing tempermant. Then a friend of mine in Chico was talking, maybe the Clintons really really are test driving Obama to make sure he understands how nasty the republicans can be while he is seeking the highest office in the land. Won’t that be a hoot and a holler if we find out that this is true? OK, I’m an optimist, I can’t believe that Hillary isn’t doing this for a larger reason beyond herself. I pray, Amen.

Death of a Thousand Cuts

Happy to hear that you are doing well. Again, be careful. On “Your money, Your vote” Julian Epstein, a democratic strategist and Clinton supporter exclaimed that Hillary’s old style of a thousand cuts will diminish your opponent and then take the opponent to Wonkieville, may not be an effective way of cutting Obama down. It seems to give him more visibility. The next day David Rockefeller endorsed Obama. The Clinton campaign’s efforts of “showing a picture of Obama in Somalian Moslem dress to raise the conversation over his being a Moslem was the latest ploy. The man was visiting the country. Politicians always change dress to the country they are visiting. Trying on the outfit is not uncommon. Haven’t you seen Clinton in African attire? But Clinton’s campaign retorts, how do you know he wasn’t making some vow of “Moslem ship” to the guy in the picture or after the picture was taken. Why didn’t Obama come forth with the picture in his memoirs? I ask why would he? I shake my head in disgust.

Plagiarism in a campaign slogan was her number 2; and how many times have I heard her using “Fired Up” since Obama has been using the slogan. They “can be Xeroxed” is like OK you are sinking low here.

Her latest attack was “his speeches are just trite with words”. Well most speeches are with words. Trite, well they usually are four to five syllables and conjugated well? Well I believe you should stylize your speech towards your audience, right? Isn’t this what she does? The fact that he has better delivery isn’t cause to demean the man. He also draws 10,000 more people to each event than she, and she refers to that as they are “star gazers”, because she says “they treat him like he is a rock star”. Don’t you remember when they referred to Bill Clinton in the same manner? Maybe she forgot!

Another attack, “He is no Martin Luther King, Jr”. I don’t ever remember Obama saying that he was MLK II. He never said he met the man. I believe people know the difference here. However, the fact that individuals are moved to tears, stillness and awe over his delivery, well, I believe that has a great deal more to do with the message. Wouldn’t you think? I can remember people feeling the same way about her husband. Some people still feel that way about Bill but for some reason Bill talking about Hillary isn’t draw the large crowds. Obama was invited to speak to the Democratic Party when he delivered that speech. Even Republicans were admiring the message. I haven’t read that Obama wasn’t working diligently in the Illinois senate before he made that speech. Someone must have known that he was a great speaker and the leadership of the Democratic Party must have found his ability to speak appealing.

Hillary wants everyone to know that she can deliver the healthcare policy that she believes in and that Obama will disenfranchise 5 million people. But she never says who these individuals are or what group they are coming from. Obama says he won’t force adults into healthcare but he will demand that children are covered. So if it isn’t Hillary’s way, it will be no one’s way? Isn’t this what happened before and there is still no national healthcare policy although her husband was in office for eight years? And she has been in the senate for an additional eight? Where is the proof of that projection?

Bringing up Obama’s middle name and hyphenated it to be Barack Hussein is another scare tactic being used by Hillary’s camp? He didn’t choose his name. He said and it has been vetted that he has been a practicing Christian his entire life.

Being a secret Moslem by having attended a Moslem school in kindergarten was again no control of his. The fact that they found a paper from a kindergarten teacher saying “that one day he wanted to be President of the United States, seems to be turned into some kind of “mind control” being given at the kindergarten class.

Having BET’s former owner, Johnson, imply that “we really don’t know what he was selling when he was organizing in Chicago”, because Obama admitted to smoking marijuana was pushing the envelope until they finally apologized on that one.

Her rant about being the first to answer questions at the last debate was down right dumb. You would think that it was to her advantage of saying her point of view first before anyone else could mention all the democratic points so Obama would have to say “I agree with what Clinton is saying”. She missed this as being strategically to her advantage.

Meantime, her delegates aren’t increasing; some of her super delegates are also publically changing sides. Her popularity numbers aren’t going up and the kindness she used to receive from the media seem to be just a whimper. But Diane Feinstein is coming out swinging by declaring “an abomination against women” in the way Hillary is being treated. Where is Feinstein when they were beating up on Obama? Now isn’t this a stretch?

The media says that she is throwing in the kitchen sink. If she doesn’t do all her attacks now she may never have the opportunity to do so. When she brings up the fact that Obama might feel better with a pillow underneath him, making reference to Saturday night live skit, you wonder if this dialogue is even being spoken in a professional manner anymore. Since when does anyone take Saturday Night Live skits seriously?

I find those that really can’t stand the idea of a Black man being president of the United States being more reinforced with their choice for Hillary. The Clintons don’t want to admit it, but when did the NASCAR circuit fall in love with her?

She is appealing to the women with the “three minute video” on whom would you call at 3am in the morning if you were frightened. I think most people would first turn on the lights after listening for any noise. If they do hear noise, I’d suggest calling the local police. If it isn’t bad enough maybe the person can find their anxiety medication. From the video, the children were sleeping pretty well.

Couldn’t this same lady try meditation, some yoga stretching, soft music, a great book to read, call a very close friend to talk to, make an appointment for her therapist in the morning, drink a glass of wine, go sit in the backyard and look up at the stars. Call her ex-husband, father, uncle or other family members (notice there wasn’t one in the film) to be consoled. But to call Hillary, I bet she will have a recorder on the phone and a secretary answering “what is your problem?”.

Anyway these are my thoughts for the day.

Obama you Rock my man, and don’t let a disgruntled woman keep you down.
There are many of us out here want to see you shine . . .

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Blog 03-01-08 Sunday, 9:50

FEMA is expecting the check on the 3rd from the Democratic Party. She is working on the press release. “I make it my story and speak it coming from my heart.” Speaking from my heart I find I connect with passionate, compassionate and considerate individuals. I never prepare anything. I am open-minded. I come with the intent to create bridges and understanding. I don’t want you to see the world as something ugly, fighting and destroying”.

Every religion can abuse and misuse. We need to stop looking at the world in a naïve way. You are responsible for the power you are achieving. If you want to change the Muslim community you have to get your own spirituality in order. The world has beauty and everything that is different. I have emerged myself in this culture. Don’t change it without knowing what it is and this is something Americans must understand”.

In May, she is going to start making speaking engagements. She believes the book will be out in July. We will send copies to the top leaders in the party and participate in the Denver, Colorado Convention with a booth. The Arab world’s respectability is written in the international media, the national media doesn’t pay attention to the Arab world unless it is high exposure.

She plans on talking to employees of ARAMCO.com for example, who can give their account of their living experience in Saudi Arabia. Over a 1,000 Americans live there, and have to understand the culture, language and religion to have the personal connection with the Arabian citizens. Many Americans don’t get this opportunity. They will be invited to assist in the campaign and to assist in filling in the gaps. Their fascination of the Arabian past and their eventual knowledge learned will be a conduit to talk to Americans regarding the images and information they know about Arabs.

This lady is quality, she understands economics, she understands finance and she knows we have lost track of our spiritual core. To talk about this publically means she is gutsy too. We’ll be meeting at noon on Saturday at our house, looking forward to this visit. MLW