Friday, September 25, 2009

I pass on the Kool-Aid

Don ‘t tell me any stories about how “triggers” and “exchanges” are needed to justify a public option.
Obama campaigned on the public option during the 2009 Election Season. Millions of Americans voted to see that happen. The fact is, every time the baby boomers go through a life cycle, everything that they touch becomes larger than any previous generation. So why should healthcare, medical coverage, and pharmaceuticals be any different? Prior conditions should not be a determinant for human medical coverage. Bankruptcy should not be the end all for affordable, adequate and dire medical services because you “love your family member” and want them to live as long as possible.
Preventative care needs to be a requirement. Responsible healthy eating should be an edict. Encouraging varying levels of exercise need to be strongly pursued from birth to the end of life. Instead of the insurance industry investing in medical technologies that often don’t work, they should invest in all of the various levels of prevention, and enhancements for investment purposes. Fact, the healthier we are the more likely we can continuously pay our premiums on time. If insurance companies reward us with lower premiums and cash options because we take good care of ourselves we’ll do it more. Fact, businesses don’t have souls, but the individuals who run them “should”. Call this ethics appreciation for the “common good”, common sense and compassion. I don’t believe medical services should be a commodity for trade. . . Call me stupid, but healthcare professionals do still say a Hippocratic Oath. Right?
Encourage home gardens, family and community outings with full fun body movements, dancing, swimming, climbing, walking, running, skipping, jumping, increased heart rate, fun and excitement! Maybe if we spent more time loving one another instead of killing one another, we might all have better attitudes towards life period. Wednesday evening at 5:00 PM, I’ll be looking forward to President Barack Obama, deliver his address to the full Congress. Your voice should be heard by the editor of this newspaper and our local legislatures. Show how strong, intelligent, articulate, responsible, hopeful, and sustainable you want this society to be. Get FIRED UP and ready to go! I pass on the Kool-Aid and the clicking of the heels, but I’m willing to walk in the park with anyone who is willing to discuss the feasibility of this happening . . .