Sunday, December 14, 2008

Failing Economy

CHAMBLISS BLOG. Depending on what you read, The National Republican Trust PAC seem to present Republican Saxby Chambliss is the “great Republican firewall of hope”, . . . keeping Obama at bay with the US Senate votes”. Maybe they don’t know that in the heavy Republican area that I live in, that Republican voters were hands-on in putting President Elect Barack Obama into office.

Then, I can’t tell if they are baiting Obama to come to Georgia because Sarah Palin is expected to attend several rallies for Chambliss or are they are in need of some stimulus to make Chambliss appear to be at least interesting as the run off between he and Jim Martin’s revved up feverous pitch contentious election. How much you want to bet the media will be analyzing her clothes to see whether or not she still owns the $150,000 RNP wardrobe.

Some people are even delusional that between Palin and Obama that people would pick Palin? Is this Republican claim nothing more than an act of building Palin up to something that she is not and parading her around as the pretty, false hope and leader of the Republican Party, while the real decision makers of the Republican Party wrestle back the reigns of intelligence and common sense?

Maybe Chambliss’s Republican friends have forgotten that Obama is readying himself to lead the nation out of a delicate and cataclysmic political, economic and spiritual state we are feeling. Something our current Republican leader appears to be having difficulty figuring out. One minute Paulsen is saying “bailout”, the next day he is exposing the possibility of “revisiting the funds available”, then a couple days he starts up again with “bailout”. Meantime, we hear the mumbling confusion of the glazed over look, baggy eyed, lame duck Bush exclaiming that he is doing the best that he can. He looks like he needs some serious bed rest. Did however see pictures of him drinking in Peru? I thought he was off of the sauce since he was 40 years old?

If Palin wants to go “save the day” hopefully unlike the manner she practically destroyed McCain’s bid for 2008 Presidency, with the winking, blinking and nodding, so let her go. This should increase Martin’s chances of winning, we can only hope. This should raise the circulation and subscriptions of the local papers, tourism and Republican swag. A good fight often brings the sincerity, focus, and activism out of the voters. . .

As an observer many of the attacks on Palin seem, to be coming from those that know her well and are willing to share those experiences with the media. This doesn’t count for the numerous times that Palin wasn’t able to complete a full sentence and change topics to appeal to her intellectual strengths which Republican commentators have repetitively attacked for incoherence.

It was McCain’s people reporting the money being spent on “my lady Palin” and the behind the scenes emotional upheaval you usually don’t know about until it comes book form after the inaugural activities, but apparently the A-team was so bamboozled by Palin’s behavior, the magazines and newspapers received the leaks before the books could be published. Whether or not these incidents are true, well again, it depends on what you read. I believe the Republicans can do better than Palin and maybe this was McCain’s final swipe at the Republican power brokers but who knows, looking forward to reading that book.

This doesn’t exonerate the Democrats however, I believe the Democrats too have a lot of baggage they need to release to clean their mental palates of the past disgusting eight years of snide diplomacy, an out trillions budget and to realize that change will require Democrats too to stop doing business the “ole fashion way” while partisan tit for tat drags the American people further into global economic chaos and contention.

The American people, have spoken, enough already, let’s get serious, roll up our sleeves, tighten our belts and egos, get those sugar plums dancing out of our heads, be ready to negotiate to the highest denominator, use the wisdom, education, experiences of all parties invited to the governing table and set our goals for a more peaceful coexistence with the rest of the world because damn it, there is only one planet to reside on. Amen.

SINCE THE WRITING OF THIS: Chambliss won the election. Obama never went to Georgia, he had larger issues to work on, like our failing economy . . .


There is an appeal being put before the Supreme Court questioning the citizenship
of Barack Obama. A friend called terribly upset over there being a question as to whether or not he is a born citizen of the United States. The question is over whether or not Hawaii was a state at the time of his birth. There has also been a question as to whether or not he is a dual citizen of Kenya which would make him a Brit or not. I thought they vet you with the FBI, Secret Service and the IRS before you are ever even considered as a presidential nominee. Did someone forget to do their homework on this one? I can just see Schwarzenegger’s camp watching and paying close attention to this vetting process.

What will be even more heartfelt is to find a serious historian or political science teacher who can find the copy of the policies between Queen Lili'uokalani the Hawaiian queen who never gave possession of Hawaii to the United States in the first place and then let it be known how Hawaii became the possession of the United States. Now there is a can of worms I don’t think the Defense Department, Dulles, American Fruit Company wants to unearth.
Football famous quarterback O.J. Simpson, 61, got the minimum sentence of 7-½ to 15 years today, instead of the 30 year to life sentence some as some were anticipating. It appears that with no prior criminal record, remember he was found not guilty with the help of the DREAM TEAM lawyer group, so the District Judge Jackie Glass said that she ruled based on the current situation.

Check out the videos:
GUILTY OF ALL 12 Charges

What gets me however, is what kind of friend will set you up to take their property when they knew the property was yours in the first place, video tape your calling the establishment, knocking on the door, roughing up the friends and threatening them with guns knowing that they “your friends” were wrong and had stolen the property from you? So Judge Glass shaved 7-½ years of OJ’s life and is up for probation after 5 years, if he is lucky. The 12 counts were taken concurrently. Boy he got a break on this one! So the lessons learned here is that if someone has possession of your goods consider that you are not above the law to go seize them, even if they are “your friends”. The bottom line is that he went in and took their possessions without legal authority from the courts. Had he called the police department and pressed charges, he would have been able to stop the sale. You can’t take the law into your own hands. In his case Stewart, a mortgage broker, who they say barely knew him, and a couple other buddies drew guns in the motel room full of people.

Discussion has been how could that many large men fit into one room with so much calamity, noise and confusion without anyone getting shot. Yes, we are a country of laws and I believe Simpson got that message loud and clear today. The judge had the ability to show that she was only abiding by the law in her sentencing of what he did in the theft. She made it plain and for public record that any previous problems Simpson had had weren’t being taken into consideration at all. However there is some question that in the appeal that there weren’t any African Americans on the jury. There is also question of a couple comments made by the lead juror implying that he too didn’t want to think about the l994 killing of OJ’s Nicole Brown Simpson, ex-wife and her friend, Ronald Goldman. So if everyone wants to be so objective then why even bring it up? The fact that neither Simpson nor Stewart had had any prior criminal activities was supposed to be why the sentence was more lenient. The media pundits however are at it again, questioning why the underlying circumstances that led to Simpson’s theft ever given sufficient weight. One wonders if Simpson had plea bargained like the other defendants would they have reduced the sentence to probation. But then they say he was already on probation at the time. I can only feel for the children of the Simpson and Stewart families. Stewart hanging his head and barely able to read his concession speech is really behind the eight ball now. The humiliation alone should have allowed him less time, but the judge says “you had possession of a gun”, this is a sign of danger, . . . and had the run gone off and hit a stray tourist walking in the hallway, the case would have been murder” (or words to this effect).

There was discussion that Simpson has severe arthritis and as such requires strong pain killers. Pundits say he won’t be able to bring this medication into the prison system because the narcotics are not allowed. There has also been discussion that because of his popularity that Simpson will also have to be “isolated” from the general population. Remember the “special pillow” he required in the 1994 criminal case. So many people “poo poohed his pillow request” but how many of us didn’t run out and try that pillow to see if it relaxed our necks for a more sound sleep. I see them advertised everywhere now.

So as the wheels of justice move, Simpson should have gone to court even though he believed he had title. So from the legal point of view the thieves had ownership or possession of the Simpson memorabilia. He said he knew these guys. The question is does he have any avenue for appeal. Las Vegas prosecutors say when you have a gun in the process of a criminal activity, you go straight to jail. The point that OJ was contesting the possession of those materials didn’t matter but that he had every opportunity to seek the assistance of the Las Vegas Police Department. But what sickened me even more about this case, Goldman, who many have always said is starved for attention and for the money he believes Simpson has stashed away, was sitting in court like a vulture waiting for some financial windfall. So aren’t there laws against people stalking you?


SHOE THROWN: December 14, 2008 Is a day that I will also remember. We finished decorating our Christmas tree. We learn today that George W. Bush was making his fourth and final visit to Baghdad and had two size 10 shoes thrown at him as a sign of disapproval and contamination at a surprised news conference with Iraq Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki. They were signing a peace security document.
Associated Press picture
and see the link;

Apparently one of the journalist sitting in the middle of the room yelled out in Arabic, “This is a gift from the Iraqis; this is the farewell kiss, you dog” and threw his shoes at Bush, barely missing his head. The same journalist yelled again, “This is from the widows, the orphans and those who were killed in Iraq,” after which he was strongly held by the Iraqi audience as the police were being summoned. Before the journalist could be apprehended Maliki shielded Bush’s face with his hand. One must understand in the Muslim culture to have a shoe thrown at you means that there is pollution in the general direction of the speaker and impurity. The journalist was eventually wrestled to the ground with several men pulling at his hair and clothing. According to the journalist was Muntadar al-Zeidi, a correspondent for Al-Baghdadia television, an Iraqi- owned station based in Cairo, Egypt. Bush says that he didn’t feel threatened by the shoe thrower. He alluded to al-Zeidi’s actions as a political outburst that are found in America. But I don’t remember anyone ever throwing a shoe at a politician, do you?
As the video shows Bush continues to stand in the front of the podium and the American secret serviceman positions himself next to Bush. I wondered why wasn’t Bush swished away? How did they not know that there could have been other disgruntled individuals in the audience? Why Bush would ever think that now that he could sit down with Iraqi’s after all that has transpired is beyond me. He was there to tout the success of the surge in Iraq, which Bush says is providing Maliki the opportunity to put new policies in place with Adil Abd al-Mahdi and Tariq al-Hashimi as the two vice presidents and members of the Iraqi Presidential Council, to lower the deaths of Iraqi’s in the area even though the war in Iraq isn’t over.
Apparently soon after this, Bush was swished away to an eager and enthusiastic group of American soldiers. He referred to the surge as, “one of the greatest successes in the history of the United States military.” He continued, “Thanks to you,” he told the soldiers, “the Iraq we’re standing in today is dramatically freer, dramatically safer and dramatically better than the Iraq we found eight years ago.”
Remember last Thanksgiving Bush stating that he wanted to thank the troops himself, he was swished unannounced again to Iraq under other ruses to get him into Iraq and out before anyone had time to know it. However he referred to this year’s visit, according to the Reuter’s report, “calling the security agreements “a reminder of our friendship and as a way forward to help the Iraqis realize the blessings of a free society.” What kind of friendship would cause you to sneak in and out of a country if you are so beloved? Is this man a glutton for punishment or does he believe he really can go to Iraq and say that he is sorry for the anguish, pain, death and discord he has caused this country? I heard that Carl Rover, et. al are busy rewriting history to accommodate Bush’s legacy but this takes the cake. I’ve also heard of photo ops also, but to put himself in harms way knowing that the people in Iraq don’t like him; I believe is as outrageous as the shoe being thrown at him. Secret Service may use a metal detector to identify a knife, a gun, noonshuckers, spurs, etc. But who would ever think to prepare for a “flying round toed shoe”?