Saturday, May 28, 2011

V Jesse Smith Observes Memorial Day

GUEST POST: Self-Improvement Is The Best Way to Honor Our Troops on Memorial Day
by V. Jesse Smith

As we enjoy the blanket of security which has been provided for us by those serving in our four branches of government, we are called by the edict of appreciation and gratefulness to give special thanks to every man and woman who has served and/or is serving in the armed forces.

We are able to enjoy our freedoms because of men and women who are willing to put their lives on the line in order that we might know what freedom truly looks like. We are indeed a grateful nation. As we reflect on this up-coming Memorial Day what we will be doing on that day, and how we will be spending our weekend, we must never forget what that day truly represents.

Memorial Day was recognized as a federal holiday to honor our military service men and women who sacrificed their lives fighting for our protection. Each year we set aside time out of our busy schedules to remember those who gave their lives fighting abroad so that we could live under the protected blanket of freedom in the United States. It is proper that Memorial Day is a federal holiday and that we remember and honor the soldiers we lost on the battlefield and those who are still serving to keep us free and protected under our Constitution.

But, too many of us take Memorial Day as just a day of rest and relaxation. On that day we barbeque, drink, party and engage in the things that we want to because we live in a nation that allows us to do that because of the security that our military troops provide us.

However, what if we acknowledged our troops in another way? What if we truly went after the dreams that lie within us but was always afraid to go after? What if we took advantage of the small business loans that our government provides us to set up the business we have longed to do? What if we went back to school to improve ourselves by getting a degree in Mathematics, Science or Higher Education which in turn will allow us to fulfill a long-desired passion to want to help and inspire children? Our troops are sacraficing their lives on the line everyday so that we can become a better nation and a better people. Their lives and work must not go unnoticed or in vain.

On this Memorial Day, each of us should ask ourselves what we are doing to improve our lives. As you read this article, think about what you always wanted to do in life but never did it because either you were afraid or did not have the resources to do it. Think about what you have always wanted to do in life—whether it was writing a book about something dear to you, starting a business, going back to school, becoming a Doctor, Nurse, Medical Assistant, License Vocational Nurse (LVN), Paralegal or Lawyer—and then ask yourself why haven’t you done it. What’s been stopping you?

American soldiers are giving their lives everyday so that we can live our life every moment. Let us not dishonor them by not doing something to improve our lives everyday. How do you improve yourself? Self-improvement is done by attending seminars that will teach you how to do something; it is done by you learning something new everyday that will improve your physical, social and economic condition in life; it is done by you not constantly focusing on the problem, but you coming up with the solution to the problem. Jim Rohn, a powerful motivational speaker, said it best when he said “Don’t ask for less problems, ask for more skills…don’t ask for less challenges, ask for more wisdom.”

As you start that business that you have always wanted to start, you might very well be in the position to offer a job to some of our troops when they come back from Afghanistan, Libya or Iran. If you write that book that you have been longing to write, it could be the book that our military personnel need to remain inspired, motivated and uplifted while they are engaged on enemy battles.

Yes, the best way to honor our troops on this Memorial Day is to do things that will improve yourself so that you can become a blessing to them as they have been a blessing to us.
About the Author: V. Jesse Smith is a national motivational speaker who conducts Leadership and Self-Improvement seminars throughout the nation encouraging people to live their dreams by improving their skills. He is the president and founder of Heights of Greatness Leadership Institute and can be reached at or (661) 992-9052.