Friday, March 7, 2008

Death of a Thousand Cuts

Happy to hear that you are doing well. Again, be careful. On “Your money, Your vote” Julian Epstein, a democratic strategist and Clinton supporter exclaimed that Hillary’s old style of a thousand cuts will diminish your opponent and then take the opponent to Wonkieville, may not be an effective way of cutting Obama down. It seems to give him more visibility. The next day David Rockefeller endorsed Obama. The Clinton campaign’s efforts of “showing a picture of Obama in Somalian Moslem dress to raise the conversation over his being a Moslem was the latest ploy. The man was visiting the country. Politicians always change dress to the country they are visiting. Trying on the outfit is not uncommon. Haven’t you seen Clinton in African attire? But Clinton’s campaign retorts, how do you know he wasn’t making some vow of “Moslem ship” to the guy in the picture or after the picture was taken. Why didn’t Obama come forth with the picture in his memoirs? I ask why would he? I shake my head in disgust.

Plagiarism in a campaign slogan was her number 2; and how many times have I heard her using “Fired Up” since Obama has been using the slogan. They “can be Xeroxed” is like OK you are sinking low here.

Her latest attack was “his speeches are just trite with words”. Well most speeches are with words. Trite, well they usually are four to five syllables and conjugated well? Well I believe you should stylize your speech towards your audience, right? Isn’t this what she does? The fact that he has better delivery isn’t cause to demean the man. He also draws 10,000 more people to each event than she, and she refers to that as they are “star gazers”, because she says “they treat him like he is a rock star”. Don’t you remember when they referred to Bill Clinton in the same manner? Maybe she forgot!

Another attack, “He is no Martin Luther King, Jr”. I don’t ever remember Obama saying that he was MLK II. He never said he met the man. I believe people know the difference here. However, the fact that individuals are moved to tears, stillness and awe over his delivery, well, I believe that has a great deal more to do with the message. Wouldn’t you think? I can remember people feeling the same way about her husband. Some people still feel that way about Bill but for some reason Bill talking about Hillary isn’t draw the large crowds. Obama was invited to speak to the Democratic Party when he delivered that speech. Even Republicans were admiring the message. I haven’t read that Obama wasn’t working diligently in the Illinois senate before he made that speech. Someone must have known that he was a great speaker and the leadership of the Democratic Party must have found his ability to speak appealing.

Hillary wants everyone to know that she can deliver the healthcare policy that she believes in and that Obama will disenfranchise 5 million people. But she never says who these individuals are or what group they are coming from. Obama says he won’t force adults into healthcare but he will demand that children are covered. So if it isn’t Hillary’s way, it will be no one’s way? Isn’t this what happened before and there is still no national healthcare policy although her husband was in office for eight years? And she has been in the senate for an additional eight? Where is the proof of that projection?

Bringing up Obama’s middle name and hyphenated it to be Barack Hussein is another scare tactic being used by Hillary’s camp? He didn’t choose his name. He said and it has been vetted that he has been a practicing Christian his entire life.

Being a secret Moslem by having attended a Moslem school in kindergarten was again no control of his. The fact that they found a paper from a kindergarten teacher saying “that one day he wanted to be President of the United States, seems to be turned into some kind of “mind control” being given at the kindergarten class.

Having BET’s former owner, Johnson, imply that “we really don’t know what he was selling when he was organizing in Chicago”, because Obama admitted to smoking marijuana was pushing the envelope until they finally apologized on that one.

Her rant about being the first to answer questions at the last debate was down right dumb. You would think that it was to her advantage of saying her point of view first before anyone else could mention all the democratic points so Obama would have to say “I agree with what Clinton is saying”. She missed this as being strategically to her advantage.

Meantime, her delegates aren’t increasing; some of her super delegates are also publically changing sides. Her popularity numbers aren’t going up and the kindness she used to receive from the media seem to be just a whimper. But Diane Feinstein is coming out swinging by declaring “an abomination against women” in the way Hillary is being treated. Where is Feinstein when they were beating up on Obama? Now isn’t this a stretch?

The media says that she is throwing in the kitchen sink. If she doesn’t do all her attacks now she may never have the opportunity to do so. When she brings up the fact that Obama might feel better with a pillow underneath him, making reference to Saturday night live skit, you wonder if this dialogue is even being spoken in a professional manner anymore. Since when does anyone take Saturday Night Live skits seriously?

I find those that really can’t stand the idea of a Black man being president of the United States being more reinforced with their choice for Hillary. The Clintons don’t want to admit it, but when did the NASCAR circuit fall in love with her?

She is appealing to the women with the “three minute video” on whom would you call at 3am in the morning if you were frightened. I think most people would first turn on the lights after listening for any noise. If they do hear noise, I’d suggest calling the local police. If it isn’t bad enough maybe the person can find their anxiety medication. From the video, the children were sleeping pretty well.

Couldn’t this same lady try meditation, some yoga stretching, soft music, a great book to read, call a very close friend to talk to, make an appointment for her therapist in the morning, drink a glass of wine, go sit in the backyard and look up at the stars. Call her ex-husband, father, uncle or other family members (notice there wasn’t one in the film) to be consoled. But to call Hillary, I bet she will have a recorder on the phone and a secretary answering “what is your problem?”.

Anyway these are my thoughts for the day.

Obama you Rock my man, and don’t let a disgruntled woman keep you down.
There are many of us out here want to see you shine . . .

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