Monday, February 25, 2008


Clinton is going aggressively, hard and personal again. At the debate Thursday she was playing the valedictorian, “I am honored to be sharing the stage with you” or words to that effect.
Saturday after Obama released a flyer explaining their differences in their universal healthcare policies she exclaims ”shame on you”, because she doesn’t like his “campaign tactics”. Being that she is always trying to explain the negatives of his policy, it would stand reason that he would publish his own perception of what his policy says and he doesn’t need Hillary’s or Bill’s permission. Bill reportedly in the meantime had six events lined up in Texas on Saturday, as if he were running for office himself. Pundits alleged he has more events lined up in one day than all the two candidates running for office to date.

Today, sounding pretty desperate, Bill and Hillary say Obama is getting a pass by the media and being treated as a “darling”, however the gushing and positive reporting is due to the incredible campaign Obama is running. Maybe the media is expecting Obama to act like Hillary but so far he chooses the high road which is incredible in and of itself.

Three time Presidential candidate loser Ralph Nader, 75 years old, has suddenly decided to get a little attention again. I’ll say he looks wonderful for his age. He is great in policy and showing the flaws of government so why doesn’t he just decide to run as an Independent instead of popping up after the horses are out of the gate? If he would start the contest with the other runners maybe he would be taken more seriously. Look at the advantages of the “green technology” and environmental education he has advocated for the past twenty years. To pull the spotlight on himself after the contest is narrowing out to the front runners from the republican and democratic parties makes me take pause and wonder what is his purpose. A little attention?
Well with the 11 wins in a row and Ted Kennedy’s throaty, off key and flat singing in Spanish campaigning on behalf of Obama, the Obama camp definitely has cause to “boogie back to Texas” and hopefully will win over those tough Texans next Tuesday.

“Out of the many are one because we are all connected”, says Obama, and maybe the celestial choir won’t come out ala Clinton, but celestial spirits are actively moving the hearts and minds of Americans who are clamoring for change, hope and an incredible journey for peace. For your information Clinton, there is an Awesome God. Maybe you can make a few slams about Him also. You seem to be losing your spiritual core or maybe it is desperation we are observing. I’m Looking forward to March 4. Where did I put that Obama watch party invitation?

Peace Out, Nervie and Todd, Santa Clarita Valley.

Mighty Thunder

Friday, February 22, 2008

BLOG: 022208

If it weren’t for Time Warner Cable I wouldn’t have realized that I hadn’t written a Blog in a few days. The system is down; the television is off also, so I am winging it. It was suggested to me “to start off the dance on the right foot: Step, flaupe, drag, step, flaupe, drag then you alternate with the left foot. You keep alternating this process until the music stops.” This greeting was given to me by an old friend when he was awakened and he started discussing McCain-Feingold Campaign money bill and Samantha Power, International situation advisor for Obama with her new book “Chasing the Flame”. My buddy suggested that I run to the B & N (Barnes and Nobles) and get her book. He shared with me that McCain wrote two letters to the FCC hearing office which were improper to encourage a city’s station to be allowed to go private.
Apparently in 1997 McCain was chairman of the Senate Communications Board of the Republican Party. My friend says when this dastardly deed gets into the public realm it will make McCain’s transparency bill look comedic. He has over 57 lobbyists working for him now that he is running for President. I promised him that I’ll go look it up before I go further. Funny, I liked McCain before he started that “Bomb Bomb Bomb Bomb Iran” jingle and declared that we can be in Iraq 100 years if necessary "we aren't going to cut and run". So much for McCain being a moderate and thinking clearly and to think he and Hillary are friends? Politics does draw strange bedfellows and "friends". I haven’t had my fix of “Democracy Now!” for about a week. so I’ll goggle it before I go to bed tonight.

The media says Hillary was waiting for Obama to make a mistake last night at the University of Texas debate. All I could see is that Obama had a pretty bad head cold and was sitting in a draft, which just proved to Hillary that he is “human” and his speeches aren't a Xerox. She seemed to be grinning too much. I never did understand all that smiley wiley stuff she was conveying. I still feel as though Bill was running the show behind the scenes. She didn’t sound genuine when she was chastising him about using some phraseology he received from one of his senior staff advisor. The audience booed her. But I noticed in the media releases so far this morning, the media doesn’t play the “booing” part, they tell you instead. Most people won't appreciate the affect unless they hear it. For the past eight years, I have never figured out why the media has a need to tell you what you will see and what you will hear instead of just playing the “darn tape” all the way through. Then comment, if they must.

Hillary reversed her previous complaining and extended her hand after having made a “nice” conciliatory closing speech, the media is calling it her “valedictorian” presentation. Obama not only didn’t lower himself to her personal attacks, but made it clear, “I disagree” and he moved on. You got to love him for his diplomacy, congeniality, and civility. . . Now who looks Presidential?

So as I said, you Start off the dance on the right foot: Step, flaupe, drag, step, flaupe, drag then you alternate with the left foot. You keep alternating this process until the music stops.” I hear the fat lady warming up Hillary . . . Stay tune, Nervie

Minerva Williams,
Mighty Thunder

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Si Se Puede

OBAMA 2/13/08 New York Daily News "Viva Section" writer Dolores Prida offers some common sense and great advice, why not have Latina, Latino reporters speak on the wave of increasing Hispanic voters necessary to the Texas Democratic presidential campaign coming up soon? They know the culture, language and the people. Latinos who understand the geography of the Barrio instead of the frat boys use demeaning, stereotypical descriptives (often wrong) to posture the “we” and “them concept” into the Clinton and Obama contest. “I had never heard that the brown man would never vote for the black man until the frat boys came along”, she says. I agree. I grew up in Riverside where African Americans and Hispanic speaking families lived next door to one another. Our commonality was that we were all “making it” and “sharing resources” and information whenever we could. It wasn’t such a big deal for the Avilas to come over and it was better having meals at their houses than ours because they had been eating “soul food” and didn’t know that that was what it was called and Mexican dishes were new to us but Delicioso, heck yeah! And tastier, because it was the different, varying textures, sauces, crispiness, and the varying layers of cheese and sautéed vegetables! The Avilas consisted of three different homes, all members of the same family, who owned the local gas station, grocery store and auto repair shop. They even eat chit’lin’s to my chagrin. My mother couldn’t get us to eat them, but we had plenty of neighbors who ate our share. You add onions and white or apple vinegar and I still wouldn’t eat them. But I digressed.

Obama is frightening the old traditionalists. Media and shameless Democrats have attacked ‘his well-crafted speech writers”, and accused him of “trying to be like Martin Luther King, Jr.,” as the great orator; they have attacked his color, his name, religion, loyalty, patriotism. The man is running for President of the United States, what are they talking about. His lineage (he’s part white and African, but he ain’t an African American; I thought that is what made us African Americans that Heinz 57 blood line combination with the brown outer coloring and having accepted certain language, style and culture on the outside. I even heard our 25 Congressional District leader referring to him in public, as a “brown man”. Whatever that meant! Let’s face it, this man is bringing out the “rawness” in a lot of folks. And this is coming from Democrats. Lord help us when the Republicans jump into this fray, but maybe they’ll play nice this summer, since they have as much contempt for McCain as they do for Hillary. But you have to admit, this man has everyone “rocking, talking, responding and most of all VOTING”. And they thought young folks weren’t paying attention and didn’t care. We never gave them a reason to care, now they do. ROCK ON, ROCK ON, ROCK ON OBAMA….yeah. Si’ Se Puede!

OBAMA 2.13.08.two
Crunch, Crunch, Crunch, the sound of rubber boots on snow and broken icy walk ways. Maryland is having their polls opened until 9:30pm, that is nice of them. The freeways are turning into parking lots due to the congestion. Obama is running away with the votes Ladies and Gentleman. And the news is reporting this with 15% of the votes in. Isn’t that a wee bit early? Yes, again, according to the CBS news “Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia, all by double-digit margins”, Obama is winning this race.
Well, has the fat lady sung yet? No they say, Texas is the “big elephant in the room” and the super delegates are pulling out their American Express cards for those bonus travel points for Denver this June. Those super delegates better not try to stop this show!! They are going to find themselves with some super duper wuppas’ or young democratic voters wanting to put their Birkenstocks, Skechers, K-Swiss or ecoSneaks in their arses. Where was I in high school when they explained the Super Delegates? And how is it that Hillary has so many of them? Who crowned them Kings and Queens? Don’t they have one vote just like everyone else? Where did they get the extra stuff? Is this what Jesse Jackson was talking about years ago? Sorry, this is not fair by any stretch of the imagination. It is bad enough we don’t have a simple popular vote and call it a day. This is why my friend George says politics are an “illusion” to the luminaries Grasshopper; it isn’t designed for our side to win. He always called me Grasshopper from the David Carradine weekly show. I hope those in Texas understand and get the word out that if Obama wins handsomely, we wouldn’t need any “super D’s” because the regular D’s will get their behinds out and drag every “my vote doesn’t count D’s, “what difference does it make “D’s” and “I don’t know D’s”, and “who is Obama D’s” to the polls. And don’t be afraid to ask for the “provisional ballot if you aren’t sure. Let’s make some noise TEXAS, let them know you are in the house, vital, “on purpose” and important. Then Crunch, Crunch, Crunch, the sound of Frito’s in a Santa Fe Chili pie with a cold Heineken at the Obama Party coming to a town near you or give us a call, we are in the planning stages.

Minerva Williams,
Mighty Thunder

Monday, February 11, 2008


“Think for yourself and your own truth to decide for yourself why enthusiastic, upscale, intelligent, young, bold, and optimistic voters choose the brilliance of Obama” --- Ophra Winfrey.

History does repeat itself. In the 70's there was a spiritual discussion with guest Dr. Florence Kennedy (NY), in the U.C. Riverside student lounge over whether or not African American women needed to align themselves with their men or to align with white women. The brainstorm was whether the advancement of Black women was more important than the advancement of Black men. Emphasis was placed on women having children in and out of wedlock when they chose men who were not breadwinners, not motivated to build strong families, not mentors and teachers, and without strong spiritual centers. In those days, the result of the Moynihan Report was the huge elephant in the room. She cautioned us that Milton Friedman’s economic concept of "the powers that be" would use divide and conquer within the African American community to keep it down as they had done in Hawaii, Guatemala, Panama, the Philippine Islands and other Central and South American countries, now called the “Shock Doctrine” aka Naomi Klein. I have to admit in those days, that I had no idea who economist Milton Friedman was and his working at the University of Chicago but it made sense.

The epidemic of Black women being employed over Black men in the area, caused women to feel like caregivers, pimped for economic resources in exchange for companionship dating back to “slavery time”, the birth of cognitive dissonance. Kennedy encouraged us that no matter how much we were drawn sexually to certain men, to resist the urge to go to bed with men just because they flattered us and made us feel good. Men weren't being hired in proportion to their white counterparts but Kennedy assured us this wasn't an excuse for men to use women. We were challenged to think before we acted, to encourage our men to delay sexual gratification, have dreams, make educational strides to improve themselves, stop the cycle of destruction, trust themselves, be passionate about their life pursuits, find God or their spiritual center.

We were reminded that someone had opened the door for us so we needed to remember this when we entered the labor force, shared information, and supported one another through struggles instead of feeling superior to those less fortunate than ourselves because tomorrow wasn’t promised. We were encouraged to listen to our higher power when making decisions. We were cautioned to not forget that some people didn't recognize, know or understand opportunity. At times, Kennedy said, we all needed assistance finding the door and walking through it with our experience. She suggested, however, that we were supposed to be there for those individuals having difficulty but remember we served people best by “walking our talk” or being the example we wanted others to be. We were young in those days and maybe thought this required higher responsibility and continuity. And it does. We knew we were standing on the shoulder of those before us, hence we had a responsibility being of the W. E .B. DuBois’s Talented Tenth.

I can't believe I have lived to see this being played out publicly in the questioning of the loyalty of Ophra and Obama. Ophra's years of life contributions (being centered, having a positive attitude, recognizing our own foolishness and the cycles of self destruction, Angel Foundation, raising children, wearing the appropriate bra, accessing the right pair of jeans, getting off of welfare, voter rights, mental health days, the cost of convictions--the beef debacle—the KKK confrontation, weight loss, being on a budget, book recommendations, accentuating great careers, role models, excellent teachers, life coaches etc. are now being questioned and framed as "loyalty".

I see the divisiveness of the Clinton campaign. “Those who don't like me are my enemy” is narrow minded thinking. Is this an indication of the Hillary "diplomacy" to come? Many of us knew before this election began that Clinton wasn’t well liked and many Democrats didn’t like her. Personally, I haven’t met her but from what I read about her, I am not impressed. I respect that she is a candidate for President and she just might win. But I believe because someone of the same gender, race, religion, sexual preference, etc is running for office doesn’t mean I can't see beyond similarities and dissimilarities. Hillary’s hidden agenda is to thumb her nose at Republicans. She admits that she has been fighting her for sixteen years. This doesn’t appeal to me. I feel that that is her personal pursuit. Notice after the debate she finally started using the words “us” and “we”. Prior she was using the “I” and “me” words. Now she is using “change” and spinning off of Obama’s “yes we can” message with farm worker’s “Si Se Puede” which Hillary has a difficult time pronouncing. Obama’s ability to see that our political cause should be larger than ourselves does appeal to me. My position was solidified when Hillary chided Bill was just “out of control” and overly exuberant when he slapped Obama’s record as a “fairy tale”. Her demonstrative zeal to discredit Obama made me rethink Hillary. Bill’s apologizing today for not knowing that hammering Obama to defend Hillary wasn’t the correct response of a spouse, is a little too late to be believable. The Clintons’ lost face and credibility in South Carolina and many voters haven’t forgotten it. Let’s face it, the Clintons’ are professional politicians and they know what “push polling” is and how to plant a negative seed “to meet their goals”. I am voting and responding against that “old school way of doing politics”: demonizing, lying about, and pretending you aren’t aware of your “team members’” blatant behavior or pulling out of a situation to show clean hands when everyone in the room knows these are patterns of your behavior.

I believe with Ophra’s resources she sees this and puts her reputation on the line. Obama, like Ophra, brings out the best in folks. Last Sunday with Caroline Kennedy, Michelle Obama, and Maria Shriver on stage, Ophra (UCLA assembly for Obama 2/3/8) warned us “don’t be played small” because brilliance is what you stand for. Yes, I believe some people relish pain, fear, denial, resulting in family dysfunction, competing with the Jones and hopelessness. I allow them to own it.

Florence Kennedy, like Ophra, encouraged us to choose leadership that is spiritually based, requiring creative imagination, steeped in wisdom which has no color or gender. And again I became rejuvenated to think for myself and “my own truth” to decide for myself why bold, enthusiastic, intelligence, upscale, young, and optimistic voters choose the brilliance of Obama
or Fired up and Ready to Go! because our government depends on the spiritual ground roots in order to change.

Minerva Williams,
Mighty Thunder

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Working the Voting Polls is better than gawking at the mall. I just left the polls and went to dine at Weinerschnitzel with Todd. Why did they leave out the “der” in Weinerschnitzel? I share with him that after an hour of fumbling around we finally got our voting pecking order: Cheryl handles the roster signatures, Betty and I will handle the initial rosters (there are three, one for the outside, a master, and a backup). Hugh will do the provisional ballots and signatures. Marissa and Hugh will tear off the ballots, keep track of the “voids”, handicap voters, Spanish voters and the exit door. Betty and I are to color code voters until 6pm, even though the campaign ends at 8pm. Why do they stop at 6pm? I don’t know. We have to have two sets of colored pencils. Our leader forgot hers so thanks to Eleanor, an ‘Italiano’ and eight year poll veteran, and good looking lady of 65 years with no fat anywhere. Her team is dressed in shades of green, all dressed California casual. We are the Motley crew, but as one voter said “colorful”. Apparently Eleanor fell off of her roof and had to have knee surgery. She said after having two children she can deal with just about any pain. I can remember breaking my own leg; I don’t wish that on anyone. In spite of her not being in stilletos, she dons a wood cane, minus top hat, and keeps the spirit up, “they may be slow on the top but there’s a fire below”, she quipped. Given a negative prognosis of healing, not quite Ginger Rogers either, she is walking, dancing and able to swing her bad leg. Apparently we aren’t allowed to bring music to this venue (no one knows why) but she provides additional entertainment. Eleanor loves men, the thick Adanos types preferred but she’ll ogle the thinner types also. We get the leftovers. KR walks in. He coordinates the Obama folks locally after Susan gave it up. He comes to our side and offers that he is going to Avalon for the Hollywood after party. I heard it is an awesome Hollywood eye candy and sound venue. Why go locally he asks? I only smiled. In my head I thought, it is 40 miles closer (one way), less wear and tear on the car, no parking fees, gas is up to $3.20/gallon, no dings on the car. The drinks at the Bailey’s are cheaper and larger, you are around friends, and it builds up the local moral for Obama. We don’t need movie stars to validate ourselves, no crowd rubbing; Maria Shriver, Ophra, Edward Kennedy, Alex Baldwin aren’t going to be there so why pay the cover charge? But he knows all of this.

I am walking around in the garage and can’t find my colored pencils. The last time I used them was for the calculus graphing assignments. Now there is a period in my life I need to revisit with you, one day. It makes setting up for a voting poll a piece of cake. But calculus is working with your brain, concepts and figures, not people, great for policy wonks. A couple of us walked the perimeter looking for a black lab puppy. Apparently someone opened the door of one of the elder poll worker’s camper and he is gone. She’s not in tears but frozen. An hour later we hear that her son came by, picked him up thinking that “puppy” shouldn’t be left in the vehicle all day. Nice kid, but why didn’t he call his mother and tell her? She was only 100 feet away. Now she is going to need to get her blood pressure down. The bathroom in the HOA is smelling so bad that one of the workers put wet newspapers under the door to cut the odor. I would never have thought to do that. But it does bring the smell down. There is a continuous flow of people coming in all morning. A well dressed, suited eager beaver arrives at 6:32AM and wants to vote before he goes into work. He doesn’t know about that little law that says your employer can give you up to two hours to go and vote but he offers he has clients all day, can he fill in the ballot and we process it accordingly. Almost in unison we say “NO”. Besides we haven’t yet zeroed out the machines. That has to be done first before you are officially open. He is clueless when Matilda offers this. He runs off, cruel missives are tossed at us as he misses the “mystery step” which was a problem all morning. Eleanor runs green masking tape to indicate her side of the room, where to stand, and applies beige masking “Please wait” tape with added green arrows for directions. Problem? Many voters, once they received their ballots, wanted to walk to the opposite side of the room to return them, even when Hugh and Marissa had instructed them otherwise. It became entertainment for Betty and I as a continuous flow of individuals didn’t follow instructions. Eleanor then started double lining the tape which lasted all of four minutes when one guy in new white Perry Etonic sneakers with the black leather lightning strike sucked her floor rules right out the door. Not nice, but Beverly and I got a good laugh with Cheryl and Hugh chiming in. The look on Eleanor’s face was priceless and everyone got a thunderous laugh out of that one. I noticed when you complemented a lady for looking great, they wanted to get into a chit chat with you, instead of just saying ‘thanks’. I had never noticed that before. And you would have thought they knew this before they left the house. People must not buy mirrors anymore.

Minerva Williams,
Mighty Thunder

The Night Before Super Tuesday

I will be working with a Motley crew for the voting process. We have never met before hence it will be quite an experience. Three of us live in the Stonegate community, but have never met. It is interesting how a little village of homeowners can move to an area that is designated as a “village” and somehow never meet, converse or run into one another. So where is the concept of the “village”? Turns out Connie lives three doors down and has lived here twenty years and provides the key to the club house. Her home is where the “Y” kids hang out in front during the warmer days. She does a beautiful job of decorating her home during the major holidays. I spoke to her regarding signs in the yard. She says fine as long as you don’t keep them up all year round. I didn’t comment but I had told Todd that the first amendment should be included in our HOA, at least I thought I was still in an American village. She laughed.

The lady leading us is new at the election process, but is getting paid by her government job and the voting commission. Now that is some nice chump change for patriotism. Knowing she doesn’t know it, I’ll be rereading book two and three again to understand how the room is supposed to be set up and what the expectations are. There are three books the voting commission encourages you to read. She had an audio tape I wanted to take home to review but she didn’t want any of us to take it. How much you want to bet, she doesn’t even take it out of the cover? I need to visually see the materials and manipulate them; call me a tactile learner. Anyway, this will be a hoot and a holler tomorrow; I can tell we all have “assertive personalities” with a goal and soft leadership arriving at 6am. I’ll need some strong coffee in the morning and a couple shots of cognac when I return home for lunch, but we don’t have any cognac. I’ll have to deal with Sprite. Todd is excited for me that I won’t be moping around the house all day; I have something to look forward to.

I did get an email from the local paper that they will “try” with a “big T” to be at the election night Watch party. The Obama supporters are united, finally. I believe we will do very well tomorrow however I am not sure of California. The “I want a woman, hear me roar portion of the party is very organized and savvy. I believe the Obama people are underestimating them. I should know I have been working with them since UCLA days. The only problem is I don’t believe Hillary is the answer. She certainly does roar, a lot I might add, but her personal appeal, tactics, and hair brained behavior of her husband has me and a lot of Democrats raising their eyebrows. Just what is the ‘real deal’ here you two? To thrash out your dirty laundry again? I don’t think so, and the American public doesn’t think so. Why would anyone want to put their marriage on the line again? Is this foolhardy or are they gluttons for punishment. I can see that 22nd Amendment being challenged. Enough of the dynasty thinking; they aren’t the Roosevelts’. I can see the republican spinners going overtime with their continual quips, gripes and sound bites.

This party doesn’t need the distraction of the “Clintons” right now, where are the “elders” of this party, why aren’t they doing anything? And civility, I can’t imagine any through the convention process, but it will definitely sell seats to dedicated Dems, T-shirts, cups, buttons, pins, pens, hats, jackets, posters, boxing gloves, television advertising, and hotel rooms. It should certainly command the attention of the media. There should be plenty of newsprint and Youtube videos dedicated to the theme. I hate seeing what is happening to the party. Will rejuvenating the party get them to come out and vote? I don’t know, if they hammer one another again like the Las Vegas debates, I believe you will have the “last of the Mohicans” in the party. Maybe that is why Cynthia McKinney is going “green party” or is she also starved for attention?

Minerva Williams,
Mighty Thunder

Friday, February 1, 2008

Wesley Snipes

February 1, 2008 ABC News just announced that actor Wesley Snipes’ jury made a judgment in Florida that Wesley is technically only being charged for three misdemeanor charges totaling $21,000,000 in charges for not filing these tax returns in six years. The two felony counts were dropped.

Is he being slapped on the wrists? The Moral conscientiousness of having to pay taxes is under the microscope. I didn’t know there was a serious movement out there to let people know that paying taxes is unconstitutional. Snipes was to be serving a 16-year sentence with extra penalties for $12,000,000 tax evasion charges. The jury technically agreed that he can’t defraud if he doesn’t file the taxes because then there is no proof of intent. Depending on which news channel you listen to, they say that the prosecutors in the case didn’t have a strong enough case and presented it poorly. So this gives him time to file? So is he off the hook? I wish Wesley well. I love his movies. The largess Black strong, physical man, persevering against the many odds, even when he was the evil drug dealer, “just making a living”. Being the creepy “savior of man” in the blood-letting movie “Blade” was a little bit weird. I can only imagine the anxiety he is going through considering where he has been in life from the ghetto to the movie star. Where was his business manager or accountant in all of this? Are they being penalized? No mention of them. And then the real question revisited is whether or not the Constitution says that Americans are required to pay taxes on wages or not. Some people point to paying taxes as a secret created at Jekyl Island by a distinguished group of financial men, who control our federal reserve system. It is purported by Irwin Schiff and Banister and a group of retired IRS agents that there isn’t anything in the Tax Codes supporting such investigations. There was supposed to be more agents ready to come forward at Snipes’ case but the judge stopped that parade. Have you noticed this isn’t covered in the media with the fervor as the Democratic debates?

The Banister film Aaron Russo’s “America: Freedom to Fascism”, the authorized final director’s cut in essence says that “there are 3 million Americans that don’t pay taxes at all”. Is it because they know this little known secret? WOW, to hide $12,000,000 when the rest of us little people can barely make $40,000 a year!! Shoot I have been looking for a “decent job” since my 1996 layoff. Where is your human resource officer? Say Snipes! How are employment opportunities at your foundation? But take those taxes and FICA out of my check; I can’t afford a good tax attorney like you can. Yes I have to believe that there is change to believe in, it can’t get any worse. Can it? Come on OBAMA get into office and put your economic stimulus package to work and I don’t mean borrowing trillions from China and Japan either. Don’t they hold enough of our debt? Oh by the way, Obama, I did apply to your campaign, three times and made phone calls, never heard from them . . . Nervie, Santa Clarity Valley