Friday, November 12, 2010


This country needs solutions to excelling healthcare costs, medical insurance, gas and food prices, mortgage fraud, job layoffs, and immigration by its elected leadership, and I mean months ago.

Those areas where Obama found solutions need to be marketed to the masses because many don’t know what he accomplished in spite of MSNBC and FOX News commentator challenges, “Dancing with the Stars”, and “Who is the Biggest Looser”. I am not against commentator challenges and reality television programming but please, where do you get real news?

We are getting the impression that charismatic President Obama is so clear on governance that he forgot he has a constituency to speak to that needs to be able to share his vision and understand the future as more than a 2010 Midterm Election “shellacking”.

“Leadership isn’t just legislation”—that it’s also “a matter of persuading people ... giving them confidence and bringing them together ... setting a tone,” he said in a 60 Minute interview with Steve Kroft, before leaving for India and the G-20 meetings. However, I have to admit, I never saw Obama as perplexed versus his usual “cool, calm demeanor”. Consequently, you felt that something is going on behind the smiles.

Citizens are concerned that the Bush tax bail out, which is questionable helping a select few but not causing resolve in a very weak economy. In so many words, the effect never trickled down to the rest of us, if anything, the wealthy tightened their belts and make investments elsewhere.

The miserable nick picking of policy by the Republicans and a few Democrats return to resounding “NO, we can’t do that” responses, which override embracing solutions.
We need to review our better communication skills so we are all on the same floating ship and before the passengers start throwing the lawn furniture overboard after hearing the new deficit commission preliminary findings that rise the hair off of our arms.

With loud mouthy highly opinionated Tea Partiers (on the right) and Progressives (on the left) to shake policies up, don’t you just hear the snap, crackle, and pop and I don’t mean Rice Krispies, quaking a Congress next year?
Who, what and where are the hundred million voices of the United States middle that put Obama in office? Please activate.