Monday, March 10, 2008

Clinton's Dream Team

The conservative voters are being excluded from the nest now that Independent McCain is the republican candidate for President. Rumors are everywhere that he should think about Huckabee as his running mate “to bring them in”. We only hope that his running mate is healthy, fit and is the republican equivalent of “an Obama”.

Do you think Charlie Crist would be a good candidate? There were suggestions that McCain would do well to put an ad in the newspaper because the bar is so low anyway with this present administration. Anyone from the street would be better and a step up from the decisions that they have made for the American citizenry. Somehow the media is still silent on how much the decisions the present administration has made have affected our economy, our healthcare, our international relations, and the admiration the world had for us? There are jokes that McCain can find a running mate at any Shadey Pines Residence home because they’ll need someone who shares his old “KILL EM” diplomacy, war ideas of another 100 years in Iraq and immigration because anyone with any youth won’t agree to any of them.

Hillary is implying a possibility that she and Obama could be being the “Dream team” ticket for the Democratic Party. I cringe at that idea. How could you trust Bill and her in the White House “sucking up all the air” as the vice presidential team?

It was unthinkable that negative Clinton would be where she is today. There are 16 more states to go. I disagree with the disenfranchisement of the Floridians and Michigan voters still being on the table. $18 million to put on primary when you consider the billions of dollars that years of goodwill, remembering the 2000 problems with Floridians, Michigan’s landscape is so economically repressed, they need something to emotionally uplift them. We need to hear their voices and delegates. How could anyone who believes in Democratic rule not count their votes? Did the Democratic leaders in Florida and Michigan understand their decision to move up their date would cause them to be excluded? So after the mischief makers in Florida and Michigan changed the dates the Florida and Michigan voters have to pay for the revote? I don’t get it.

Bill Clinton said if she wins Texas and Ohio she has been vitalized and considered the ultimate political chess player, he must be somewhere happy as a sissy in a prison camp.

Barack’s strength is in his speeches and being specific about Clinton. Hillary’s low point is the war, even though she recently recanted being for it. She used the red phone, appealing to single women. She is described as “pros” and “she delivers”. Barack’s high point is that he didn’t vote for the war but against McCain this may be a strong point. He is described as “poetry” and “he inspires”. However the media giants and political pros say both candidates are needed to beat McCain. Because McCain does believe in the war, has huge money support now, has the republican machine backing him which is absolutely AWESOME and a study in public relations psychology and “kicking ass”.

A commentary said that Hillary using two strategies “Populace”, “yes we will” and “tough”.
She attracted Texas seniors, low income, and new immigrants.

Seems like the schizophrenic press core hammered on Barack for a week and in the process assisted Clinton with her heavy negativity, win this week. The two killing one another also ended up making McCain seem “admirable”… The Clinton communication leaders are saying that after April 15 that Clinton will provide full disclose on her finances. I didn’t hear whether this includes those that contributed to Bill Clinton’s library or not. Full disclosure on Tony Rizzco financial information is being volley back by the Hillary campaign. Tit for tat you say?

The states Mississippi, Wyoming and Pennsylvania are next Barack will hopefully win Mississippi, West Virginia, Wyoming and Puerto Rico. Hillary will probably win Pennsylvania and Indiana. But don’t hold your breath there is more to come . . .

Minerva Williams,

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