Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Red Phone Scipt

Believe it or not Casey Knowles, 17 years old, who appears as an 8-year old sleeping in Clinton’s red phone advertisement, is a Precinct Captain in Washington for Obama 2008.

The actually stock footage purchased by the Clinton campaign from Getty Images is ten years old. Her brother recognized her from the 10-year old advertisement footage, originally intended for a railroad commercial. Knowles suggests taking the edginess off of the Clinton advertisement by putting her in an ad with Obama today. At this writing however, I haven’t heard whether or Knowles’ request has been answered to appear in a 2008 Obama advertisement.

So from this I gathered the following . . . where the commercial ended with the beautiful bedroom scene of the child dreaming from the red phone advertisement slowly you see the sun rising throughout the room, birds chirping, toilet flushing, car starting up, sound of fried bacon and the mother comes back into the room.
Mother: Wake up Kasey!

Kasey: (Kasey looks up slowly to a sweetly smiling mom) “Good morning mom”. (17 years old wrestles out of bed puts on her slippers).
Camera: Pans the room with usual teen paraphernalia on the walls Stevie Wonder, other current rock stars, models, snow globe collection, jewelry, makeup, stockings around the mirror, and panning ends at a picture of Obama “Change you can believe in Poster”.

Mother: (Walks out of the room, dropping off a pile of clothes and closes the door).

Camera: Focuses on Kasey’s face only. (Increase sound of teen rock music from 94.7 or other Power station, door slams. Camera moves to a hurried silhouette of Kasey walking to the bathroom. cuts to the sight out of her window of paper boy on a bike, kids walking in pairs with backpacks, a mother standing in a doorway bending over zipping a jacket.
Voice over: So what happens to a dreaming 8-year old having a fearing parent concerned about the red phone ringing in the White House? The child wakes up from the nightmare, the next morning and is an active, latte liberal of hope for Obama in the 2008 Presidential Campaign.
Kasey: (Putting on her Obama gear, phone to the ear). “Brianna, Boy did I have a bad dream, will tell you about when I see you. I’ll be there within the hour, check with Michael we’ll pick him up too”.
Camera: Fades slowly but follows Kasey running down the stairs.
Kasey: (She runs down the stairs w/backpack on her shoulder. Kisses her mom and dad. She plobs down. She grabs a piece of toast, several pieces of bacon, some jam. Camera pans the table showing a brother, a sister, mom and dad all energic interacting, seeming as though they are all having a healthy but hectic breakfast of cantelope, scrambled eggs, wheat toast, honey, bacon, slices of oranges on a plate and a bowl of grapes.
Next scene: Kacey in a room full of Obama workers making phone calls, serious looks on their faces while talking on the phone (inaudible).
Camera pans to clip shots on a long wall:
A.) A huge rally showing Obama and Michelle on stage waving to the crowd.
B.) Democratic leaders are shown interacting with Obama.
C.) Young students, young professionals of various diversities exchanging campaign materials for Obama.
D.) Crowds standing in line at polling center.
(Cheering crowd noise in the background very low then up to audible).
Voice over: Fear mongering is for kids…7 years of manufactured fear from the Republican party. Change we can believe in. Then read Obama’s credentials or accomplishments, (choose only three) then end “with Diplomacy, intelligence and compassion. He’ll lead us with progressive qualities strongly needed.
Need we say more . . .”

Fade to Obama for Change you can believe in poster, freeze frame.

End of story.


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