Friday, August 5, 2011

Don Bustany on the Middle East

With everything going on nowadays in the Middle East, it's a wonder the entire region doesn't erupt into one massive war zone. With the recent uprising in Egypt with Mubarak, the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, Kadafi's gross mistreatment of the citizens of Libya and the seemingly endless violence and military intervention in that part of the world, are we on the brink of another World War? If such questions are troubling to you, please hear the opinion of a true expert on the subject, Don Bustany.

Don Bustany was Born in Detroit to Lebanese-American parents. He and Casey Kasem were co-creators of the syndicated radio program "American Top 40" and "American Country Countdown". Camera coordinator of "The Mary Tyler Moore Show", "The Bob Newhart Show", and other MTM shows. He produced local talk shows on several LA stations. He has a BA in Liberal Arts, Wayne State University, and an MS in Communications from Syracuse University. Bustany is a Palestinian right of return activist. Since 1996, he has produced and hosted the radio program "Middle East in Focus" on KPFK FM, the LA Pacifica radio network.

His mission is to fill the many gaps left by the mainstream media in their coverage of the Middle East. A member of the advisory committee of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee in the 1990's, he served four terms as president of the organization's Los Angeles chapter.

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