Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Suggested by Rosemarie Sanchez-Frazier of Friendly Valley,
38th Assembly District Representative wrote:

You are asked to put in your vote for the "Hero Dog Award". Follow the link

and put in your bid. She offered . . .

I met this woman today at the Doggy Clippery, she was taking her Yellow Lab , named "Atticus," home and was telling the person behind the counter to be sure
to vote for him as a Guiding Eyes hero! Well, you know I could not not get curious so here is the web site to vote for Atticus as a Hero Dog! Once you
get to the web site click onto Vote, then to Category "Guide Dogs." Atticus is coming in 3rd at this time, if you click on the picture of him, his story will
come up. He is a big beautiful sweet dog! Hope you can vote for him and pass this onto your friends.