Thursday, January 29, 2009


BLOG January 29, 2009. The historical impeachment trial is underway in Illinois’ State Senate. 47 minutes of closing arguments were made by GOVERNOR BLAGO calling the whole procedure “a shame”. However, the senators will either “quit” or “acquit”.

Blago earnestly presented himself as “the man of the people” and he says this is what led to his being overwhelming nominated in 2000 and 2006 “by the people”. We learn Blago’s lead attorney asked him not to do a media blitz and consequently the attorney quit his representation.

Blago wasn’t under oath today, however, he presented himself as an anti tax guy, pro healthcare and an advocate of veterans, poor and the mentally ill. Depending on whom you listen to Blago seems to be milking the press, stroking what is left of a huge ego, and possibly connecting to those individuals he has helped in the past, who may eventually be called upon for jury duty. In all of his conversation selling Obama’s senate seat never came up.

We learn previous allies are distancing themselves for Blago and have asked Blago to simply resign, save him and the state more embarrassment but up to now Blago refuses to step down. It also came up that Andy Stern, President of the SEIU, met with Blago November 3rd. Blago had been an ally of the union. Stern agrees Blago came into public office with definitive comfortability and states that he wonders what caused Blago to start calling in “financial deals” and wonders what will happen and be said in a criminal court. News commentators speculate the reason he was making these deals is because Blago only had two years left in office. And he and his wife were shoring up “new opportunities” to keep them financially secure and in the political and power mix in Illinois.

It is believed Blago’s goals were always to be President of the United States. If he simply resigned and then work on rebuilding his credibility, over time, but Blago refuses to do this also. Instead Blago seemed to emphasize that he isn’t being given the opportunity to hear all of the Federal Prosecutors allegations. He seems to be confusing the procedures of a court of law which would allow him the opportunity to defend himself and then work through that court to determine his guilt or innocence. However, the senatorial process acts as a grand jury and isn’t based on due process of law. It is based on a hearing of enough charges to indicate that an excessive amount of behavior has been proven. The current procedure however, does have a clause that they can insist that he no longer enter political office ever again.

The 6th Amendment right Blago keeps referring to may seem confusing to the layperson listening to his claims. And the 6th Amendment is based on a criminal case. The senatorial procedure is not considered a criminal case, however some of the evidence found may be used in the case. So other pundits believe that Blago’s “running the mouth” is to denounce “a few open minds” or “cause a shadow of doubt” to any possible listening juror that may be called on when he goes to a criminal trial. Although Blago seems to be quite astute of law, some pundits believe that he is deliberately doing the media blitz to cause the future juror to believe he was treated unfairly. The Senatorial procedure is also reviewed by legislative officials, as a group of his peers, that are held to a much higher standard and ethic. The four incrimination tapes and the media blitz this week also doesn’t necessary waiver truth in Blago’s claims. Being a governor is not a right, but it is a responsibility and privilege which jurors must understand.

Blago’s name dropping by mentioning Oprah for senator and discussions with Edward M. Kennedy, Barack Obama and John McCain as well as releasing photographs and short videos with respected Democrats and Republicans is believed to not save him in a court of criminal law. An FBI representative read a series of allegations before the senate. David Ellis rebutted the allegations by the FBI and Blago. The Chief Justice of Illinois presided over the procedure. The question still remains will they deliver a “death sentence” which is an expression which means “a sentence to no longer run for any political office” to Blago. For a person who was desirous of running for President of the US this must be a major blow. The question is want antics will Blago bring up when he does answer criminal charges. Will he throw in the towel? The other question is Pat Quinn. Pat Quinn is the political outsider and stands to be the next presumptive Governor of Illinois. He has been the thorn in the side of the Democrats for many years and the question is “will he come out and play fairly as the new governor?”