Monday, March 10, 2008

Clinton's Dream Team

The conservative voters are being excluded from the nest now that Independent McCain is the republican candidate for President. Rumors are everywhere that he should think about Huckabee as his running mate “to bring them in”. We only hope that his running mate is healthy, fit and is the republican equivalent of “an Obama”.

Do you think Charlie Crist would be a good candidate? There were suggestions that McCain would do well to put an ad in the newspaper because the bar is so low anyway with this present administration. Anyone from the street would be better and a step up from the decisions that they have made for the American citizenry. Somehow the media is still silent on how much the decisions the present administration has made have affected our economy, our healthcare, our international relations, and the admiration the world had for us? There are jokes that McCain can find a running mate at any Shadey Pines Residence home because they’ll need someone who shares his old “KILL EM” diplomacy, war ideas of another 100 years in Iraq and immigration because anyone with any youth won’t agree to any of them.

Hillary is implying a possibility that she and Obama could be being the “Dream team” ticket for the Democratic Party. I cringe at that idea. How could you trust Bill and her in the White House “sucking up all the air” as the vice presidential team?

It was unthinkable that negative Clinton would be where she is today. There are 16 more states to go. I disagree with the disenfranchisement of the Floridians and Michigan voters still being on the table. $18 million to put on primary when you consider the billions of dollars that years of goodwill, remembering the 2000 problems with Floridians, Michigan’s landscape is so economically repressed, they need something to emotionally uplift them. We need to hear their voices and delegates. How could anyone who believes in Democratic rule not count their votes? Did the Democratic leaders in Florida and Michigan understand their decision to move up their date would cause them to be excluded? So after the mischief makers in Florida and Michigan changed the dates the Florida and Michigan voters have to pay for the revote? I don’t get it.

Bill Clinton said if she wins Texas and Ohio she has been vitalized and considered the ultimate political chess player, he must be somewhere happy as a sissy in a prison camp.

Barack’s strength is in his speeches and being specific about Clinton. Hillary’s low point is the war, even though she recently recanted being for it. She used the red phone, appealing to single women. She is described as “pros” and “she delivers”. Barack’s high point is that he didn’t vote for the war but against McCain this may be a strong point. He is described as “poetry” and “he inspires”. However the media giants and political pros say both candidates are needed to beat McCain. Because McCain does believe in the war, has huge money support now, has the republican machine backing him which is absolutely AWESOME and a study in public relations psychology and “kicking ass”.

A commentary said that Hillary using two strategies “Populace”, “yes we will” and “tough”.
She attracted Texas seniors, low income, and new immigrants.

Seems like the schizophrenic press core hammered on Barack for a week and in the process assisted Clinton with her heavy negativity, win this week. The two killing one another also ended up making McCain seem “admirable”… The Clinton communication leaders are saying that after April 15 that Clinton will provide full disclose on her finances. I didn’t hear whether this includes those that contributed to Bill Clinton’s library or not. Full disclosure on Tony Rizzco financial information is being volley back by the Hillary campaign. Tit for tat you say?

The states Mississippi, Wyoming and Pennsylvania are next Barack will hopefully win Mississippi, West Virginia, Wyoming and Puerto Rico. Hillary will probably win Pennsylvania and Indiana. But don’t hold your breath there is more to come . . .

Minerva Williams,
Hillary’s Wrong Answer

Cause is not being reviewed as to why Clinton needs to use scare tactics in the red phone answering at 3am in the morning. Those points in the recent Clinton’s decision making advertising campaign are a joke. Why doesn’t the American people get it? She already responded to the 3am in the morning call, last I heard we are fighting on two fronts; Afghanistan and Iraq! Bush didn’t mastermind this alone, he had “manufactured consent”.

That little child sleeping comfortably . . . have you seen a child trying to sleep when they know their parent (the military takes ladies too now) are “over there” fighting a war “for your independence and democracy”? How about the kid whose father or mother is now dead? We don’t see flag draped coffins because the Bush Administration said it would destroy momentum and it was a law against media doing so and little is still isn’t covered in the news. That child doesn’t sleep in his or her bed anymore. They are sleeping in the beds with their surviving parent! And Lord knows what goes on in the mind of a child when both parents are ‘doing their duty’. Isn’t it a hoot and a holler that it is ‘doing their duty’ when the rich man wants you to do something. The rich don’t like their kids being shot up. Have you seen the excitement over Queen Elizabeth’s grandson going to the war? Oh my god the terrorists will kill him, bring him home. Well the terrorists are shooting at my cousins and the lady down the street’s son. Bring them home. Don’t you see America, the middle class and the poor are the ones going? Look who benefits from the war? Is it you and I?

Hillary isn’t revealing her financial picture, because she still wants to have folks believe they are struggling. She is struggling to demean and destroy Barack. And at “any means necessary” as you may too young to remember Malcolm X said. I feel I am witnessing the thousand cuts she is administering to Obama. They are slow, deliberate and deep cuts. Personally I don’t like it. I wish he would “aggress” on her. But I am not running for office. Lately she also seems to know how to strategically place African Americans, Hispanics, Japanese, and Chinese behind her, and the other large disenfranchised groups around her to give the impression that she loves us all. I am not convinced. If she will cut him 1000 times she’ll cut us 1000 times and use us all the way to Dynasty II, the White House. Yes, at one time, I respected the fact that she was “victimized by Bill” but now I believe without a doubt, she can not only hold her own, she knows his Jones is too heavy for her so she looks the other way. I’d love to interview Chelsea and get some perspective. Chelsea appears to be a young woman, not a girl, who has deep knowledge of the political process and chooses to move cautiously and deliberately for her mom. I wonder in a few years will she be running for Senator, then, Vice President of the United States. It seems we love those dynasty situations like Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, who too have benefited for their citizen’s “doing their duty”.

Well little kiddies your mother or father has passed away because Hillary made the wrong answer to that red phone call and all she can say after considerable hounding by the media is “a regrettable mistake”. We are up to 3900 dead and this doesn’t count those that died in the German and Maryland hospitals when soldiers made it from Iraq, suicides are alarmingly up too. This doesn’t count the family strain, limbs lost, mental rehabilitations, financial potential loss, economic strains, medical bills, standing in pharmaceutical and doctor lines and the subsequent chemicals in the soldiers bodies which are only seen in their off springs. Hillary there still isn’t any universal healthcare, and you and Bill had eight years to make that happen. Hillary may be logical but the continuation of the 1953 cause of the Middle Eastern problem, is why we must be engaged when a 3’oclock in the morning phone call comes in the first place.

Eisenhower took over the 10 years of Iranian Democratic government rule and had that leader replaced with the CIA takeover and “placement” the Shah of Iran. This terrible occupation we never hear about from our local media and it was over Iranians nationalization “their” oil.

Iran has been a pain in the arse, as Jaime Bradford would say, ever since Iran figured out how to get rid of the Shah. Now regrettably the nation has moved back to the “draconian era” of running a tightened Moslem based country that many Americans don’t understand, haven’t been educated on, and god help us if it is ever explained to us without editorializing from the fourth estate, the almighty media. IF we took the time to have an informed estate give us the position of the mullah’s rule we just might get it. The key to some of the debacle is that Great Britain was loosing its twenty year economic siphoning of Iranian gas. Iranians woke up and realized this wasn’t a good deal. When someone comes into your country and offer a 70/30 split because they are capable of manufacturing your biggest commodity. Receiving 30% split with all of your inhabitants doesn’t add up to fair. On top of that Great Britain redrew the lines in the sand after World War I and the Middle East hasn’t been the same since. Imagine someone drawing a line down the middle of your sovereign neighborhood. On one side the neighborhood belongs to one country and the opposite side becomes property of a second country. Keep in mind that you have been neighbors for thousands of years. One side is supported by the United States and the other side doesn’t get any support. The residences on the right side become affluent, still part of your family, but unable to share their bounty because they are suddenly told that they are the better section. How long do you think it will take for either group of residents to begin believing their better than you gives them rights to belittle, harm, and ignore you? Although disputed as unscientific, remember the brown eyed and blue eyed test also known as “informed consent” by Jane Elliott’s 3rd grade class? The psychology test in the 1968, the day after MLK, Jr died the teacher showed how children with the opportunity to play with great equipment were called superior and those that couldn’t were separated and told they couldn’t socialize with the “superior kids”. Students were able to develop superior attitudes about one another in less than three hours and they were children pretending. You don’t need science to know when you are being hurt. Remember the Berkeley tests on prisoners? That test didn’t last 8 hours and it was out of control with college students who knew they were “acting a part” were treated as either “guards” or “prisoners”. Now these tests are considered unethical. Philip Zimbardo's book The Lucifer Effect: Understanding How Good People Turn Evil (2007, Random House). Do you believe the Brits knew this when they drew the lines in the sand? Do you believe they knew what they were doing when they started playing one side against the other? We’re talking trained intelligence officers, ladies and gentlemen. I believe so but it does give you something to think about doesn’t it? And we are going to try to correct this kind of thinking that has been perpetuated for 80 years of “informed consent” while we are figuring on expediting the release of “their oil”?

Good luck Obama winning the election in November, you intuitive, compassionate, God filled and intelligent person. And then there is the traditional option of Hillary answering the red phone.

Minerva Williams,
Mighty Thunder