Monday, April 6, 2009


You won’t have the last word with the person with the microphone and in this technological world you would think that Michael Steele would know this. However the Democrats are spending money on a billboard in Rush Limbaugh’s home town admonishing him for the comments he made about Obama’s Administration hopefully failing. The billboard I find a total waste of time and money and when asked in a special poll, I said so. But I didn’t stop there; I told them where they could have spent the money. Whether or not they listen, come on, you know they won’t but I felt good filling out the email form saying so.
When you don’t know the head of your party, inner turmoil and spinning out of control seem to be most visible and this is what we are watching. Rush has become the voice of the Republican Party. Can you believe this? Many commentaries are saying that this was the worst start for Steele, the new Chair of the Republican National Party. Saying that his job was to tick people off was obviously a mistake, even though he was being frank. Michael Steele made another mistake of taking his eyes off of his role as chair of the Republican party by taking on Rush publicly. The transitional role that Steele needs to include to stop the in-house fighting, however having him head of the party is still questionable as to whether it indicates that the party will make them appear to be diverse.
Tavis Smiley approached the subject and added that Symbolism does matter but is weak without substance. The policies the Republican Party have missed the representation of the American people. They have been acting more like obstructionist with the economic stimulus rather than getting over the election results and realizing we are all in this economic soup together. Smiley says The Covenant, was book # 1 explored these concerns; the second book was the Covenent in Action. ISBN-13: 9781401918521; ISBN-10: 1401918522; Publisher: Smiley Books; Date: February 2007; Page Count: 190. And the third book in Smiley’s trilogy is called Accountable, Making America as Good as Its Promise. Accountable (with co-author Stephanie Robinson) lays out Obama’s policies, framework for the assessment, and yard stick of celebration, providing Obama does all that he says he was going to do while campaigning. Published in February 2009; ISBN-10:1439100020; ISBN 13: 9781439100028; Suggested price $19.99
The question is, will Obama be able to fulfill those policies. Tavis says that Obama has to be accountable for the next moves of the nation. . . The promise of and possibility of America are still as divisive as ever before but something that we all have to strive to correct. . .
Do I think that Tavis is in love with Obama? No! I believe he hopes that Obama can overcome the obstacles against him, but no one expected the global economy to be one of those obstacles, remember in those days, it was ending the disputable Iraqi War. Tavis was a Hillary and Bill Clinton fan. Saving the world, well I believe Obama will have to find that superman suit because the residuals involved in some people’s money is quite tricky and more contentious because it hits at the heart of all of 300,000,000 Americans, not just 5,000 men and women in military uniform not receiving proper medical care and insurance.
Making America accountable is the final book of a trilogy addressing the problems in America. Tavis’s books can be found purchased through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, in audio and on Kindle. John Thune is another person in the Republican party, whose name has been bantered back and forth as the new voice for the Republican Party, is implying that Michael Steele may be asked to step down. We’ll have to stay tune on this political outcome.

Steele enjoys playing chess with the Big Boys

BLOG Wednesday, March 25, 2009 I caught a video conversation Don Lemon of CNN news was having with Wolfe Blitzer. Lemon says that his response with Michael Steele, RN chair was quiet revealing when Steele offered that “I’m a cause and affect kind of guy”. Steele says that there is a logic behind his attacking Rush Limbaugh a couple weeks ago. Steele says that when he did this he was testing the landscape. He wanted to know who would yell the loudest as well as support him. He says he sees his next move as understanding his position on the chess board. At first, he said he wanted to see “Who are inside the tent with him and who are not”. By his testing the waters, he has a better understanding as to “how strategically he needs to play his next move. “ Lemon says that when asked whether or not Steele was interested in being a Republican Presidential candidate, Steele says that “if that is where God wants him to go, after conversation with his wife and children”. Steele continued that politics aren’t what they use to be. “There are so many moving parts and often you can’t keep up with everything that is going on so far in advance.” So is Michael Steele seeing that if the landscape was good enough for Obama that the landscape is good enough for him? For is Steele just drumming up support in a “stealthy way”?