Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Blog 03-01-08 Sunday, 9:50

FEMA is expecting the check on the 3rd from the Democratic Party. She is working on the press release. “I make it my story and speak it coming from my heart.” Speaking from my heart I find I connect with passionate, compassionate and considerate individuals. I never prepare anything. I am open-minded. I come with the intent to create bridges and understanding. I don’t want you to see the world as something ugly, fighting and destroying”.

Every religion can abuse and misuse. We need to stop looking at the world in a naïve way. You are responsible for the power you are achieving. If you want to change the Muslim community you have to get your own spirituality in order. The world has beauty and everything that is different. I have emerged myself in this culture. Don’t change it without knowing what it is and this is something Americans must understand”.

In May, she is going to start making speaking engagements. She believes the book will be out in July. We will send copies to the top leaders in the party and participate in the Denver, Colorado Convention with a booth. The Arab world’s respectability is written in the international media, the national media doesn’t pay attention to the Arab world unless it is high exposure.

She plans on talking to employees of for example, who can give their account of their living experience in Saudi Arabia. Over a 1,000 Americans live there, and have to understand the culture, language and religion to have the personal connection with the Arabian citizens. Many Americans don’t get this opportunity. They will be invited to assist in the campaign and to assist in filling in the gaps. Their fascination of the Arabian past and their eventual knowledge learned will be a conduit to talk to Americans regarding the images and information they know about Arabs.

This lady is quality, she understands economics, she understands finance and she knows we have lost track of our spiritual core. To talk about this publically means she is gutsy too. We’ll be meeting at noon on Saturday at our house, looking forward to this visit. MLW

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