Friday, March 7, 2008

Fear Mongering

Fear mongering and the hardest job in the world is being commanded by an individual who in the past has shown she made a “3,890 deadly” wrong decision. American troops have died because of the Congressional decisions made to send troups to Iraq. Those that have made it back are having to deal with mania, sleep disorders, lost limps, suicidal thoughts and holding a thought.
US intelligence are saying it is a matter of “when” not “if” Americans will have to deal with the threat of being attacked by Al Quaeda. Remember Al Quaeda are Moslem troups that we trained originally to fight the Russians, now they are our largest fear. Shouldn’t we be sitting down and discussing “what went wrong” before it gets worst? These public fear statements that are being made are the same statements we have heard since Bush’s 2nd term. Senator Dodd says that he hopes an attack on America doesn’t happen. We need to focus on judgment, character, life experience and co-existing tempermant. Then a friend of mine in Chico was talking, maybe the Clintons really really are test driving Obama to make sure he understands how nasty the republicans can be while he is seeking the highest office in the land. Won’t that be a hoot and a holler if we find out that this is true? OK, I’m an optimist, I can’t believe that Hillary isn’t doing this for a larger reason beyond herself. I pray, Amen.

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