Monday, February 25, 2008


Clinton is going aggressively, hard and personal again. At the debate Thursday she was playing the valedictorian, “I am honored to be sharing the stage with you” or words to that effect.
Saturday after Obama released a flyer explaining their differences in their universal healthcare policies she exclaims ”shame on you”, because she doesn’t like his “campaign tactics”. Being that she is always trying to explain the negatives of his policy, it would stand reason that he would publish his own perception of what his policy says and he doesn’t need Hillary’s or Bill’s permission. Bill reportedly in the meantime had six events lined up in Texas on Saturday, as if he were running for office himself. Pundits alleged he has more events lined up in one day than all the two candidates running for office to date.

Today, sounding pretty desperate, Bill and Hillary say Obama is getting a pass by the media and being treated as a “darling”, however the gushing and positive reporting is due to the incredible campaign Obama is running. Maybe the media is expecting Obama to act like Hillary but so far he chooses the high road which is incredible in and of itself.

Three time Presidential candidate loser Ralph Nader, 75 years old, has suddenly decided to get a little attention again. I’ll say he looks wonderful for his age. He is great in policy and showing the flaws of government so why doesn’t he just decide to run as an Independent instead of popping up after the horses are out of the gate? If he would start the contest with the other runners maybe he would be taken more seriously. Look at the advantages of the “green technology” and environmental education he has advocated for the past twenty years. To pull the spotlight on himself after the contest is narrowing out to the front runners from the republican and democratic parties makes me take pause and wonder what is his purpose. A little attention?
Well with the 11 wins in a row and Ted Kennedy’s throaty, off key and flat singing in Spanish campaigning on behalf of Obama, the Obama camp definitely has cause to “boogie back to Texas” and hopefully will win over those tough Texans next Tuesday.

“Out of the many are one because we are all connected”, says Obama, and maybe the celestial choir won’t come out ala Clinton, but celestial spirits are actively moving the hearts and minds of Americans who are clamoring for change, hope and an incredible journey for peace. For your information Clinton, there is an Awesome God. Maybe you can make a few slams about Him also. You seem to be losing your spiritual core or maybe it is desperation we are observing. I’m Looking forward to March 4. Where did I put that Obama watch party invitation?

Peace Out, Nervie and Todd, Santa Clarita Valley.

Mighty Thunder