Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Time For New Leaders (Santa Clarita)

HOSPITAL PARKING: TimBen Boydston expressed the city and county formulas regarding the "lack of adequate parking" for the hospital. If you have used the hospital campus facility you factually know this. Adjacent residential neighborhoods are being daily inconvenienced with the hospital overflow in the front of their homes.
G&L Realty isn't responsible for the lack of parking at the hospital but they are in the position to remedy it. G&L is a business so their interest is in getting their financial return for keeping the hospital afloat. Unfortunately the really don’t exhibit goodwill towards the citizens of Santa Clarita. However the hospital is still in the arrears. The hospital staff were asleep at the switch when prior hospital expansions were made, so inadequate parking is exponentially lacking at approximately 500 spaces. You ask why would a business not want to make it convenient for customers? Because the business is lopsided in their thinking, that of only making money. Parking needs to be remedied.

HOSPITAL BUILDING: Speaking of money, Seaver is anguished over the City Council fight and the G&L Realty medical business venture which require tight rope walking to keep the hospital afloat with hundreds of millions in the red each year. The "outsider" realty group controls the hospital and interested in making a profit by creating medical buildings to attract other professional medical practices and clinics. It is presumed once built; they will encourage the sale of the hospital. Without the medical buildings G & L says the hospital isn't a buyer’s magnet. The City is willing to bail out the hospital if it guarantees that a prenatal section, improved surgical care, and needed beds are added immediately. However, G&L says this isn’t a selling point. Consequently, the hospital's future is in the hands of ‘a white knight outsider’ who rescued the hospital from closure. The community demands more beds, improved services, and more medical professionals and experts that otherwise are located in communities 20 and 30 miles away. To establish these businesses locally you need added incentives to bring them here.

I would be a crying Seaver also with this dilemma. But in my humble opinion, having a major “insider” Santa Claria player buy out G&L Realty, sell bonds, whatever it takes and complete the needs of SC with a nonprofit hospital that needs biotechnological updating, specialized medicine, and state of the art customer care.
Second, buy out the MRF builder project and put the bed expansion project in Canyon Country, an area in desperate need of medical attention.

Third, take the space that G&L owned and put your hospital parking spaces there. Plan and build to the least amount of congestion on the back side of the hospital, more hospital beds. Do not remove or kill the trees. Come to a firm conclusion of the parking structure's height and build the medical office space in Newhall, near enough but where the increased revenue will rejuvenate a dying economic area. Put jobs up for bids, rookies need not apply, cut out the cronyism, set a deadline and demand the builders stick to it.

Do not put Ender on the City Council. She is not her own person or up on the issues. I can't believe Congressman Buck would demean her publicly by saying she is the instrument which he can use to deal with CEMEX. The woman isn’t a dummy she just isn’t up on the ramifications of large issues. Give her time to grow more
Remember Feinstein said even if CEMEX is bought out, another entity can come in and buy that same space and the city will have to revisit the issue again. Understandably, the City doesn't have the money to purchase the CEMEX mine. Find a mega billion dollar environmental entity to buy out CEMEX that isn't interested in the mines contents, but for the sake of the residents (yeah I maybe dreaming here) and then have the city to purchase the mine outright.

Release Kellar from the City Council so he can make personal money in real estate; continue developing huge community fundraisers and building the Art Center with the assistance of his realtors for a City War Chest. Recognize that Bob Spierer is a great manager not a leader and encourage him to make money with Kellar building the Art Center, a state of the art police station and developing community safety fundraisers.

And last but not lease, vote a third time for Maria Gutzeit, an independent chemical engineer, a policy wonk, who has carefully representing the interests of this community and doesn't mind stepping on a few toes because she is not owned by any of these aforementioned groups.

And then let's figure out in two years how to sweep out the disgusting obnoxious behaving of Mayor pro tem Frank Ferry from the City Council and the Lauren "taming of the shrew" West. Then let us put our heads together to find two financial law-abiding, tested, compassionate leaders that Santa Clarita who we can be proud of. TimBen will you be available in two years? Now who is the second person?

Minerva Williams,
Mighty Thunder

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