Monday, March 23, 2009

Supreme Court Confronts a Mystery

Was looking for news today and ran into Elizabeth de la Vega’s, “The Supreme Court Confronts a Mystery”, found in the on-line blog “”. It is a story that conjured up nightmares of the Scottsboro Boys case and the discussion on whether or not the courts should have declared a reversal of findings. Even when the evidence was apparent.

William Osborne, 36, was convicted of rape, kidnapping and assault in 1993. (Photo: Bill Roth / Anchorage Daily News) the court still ruled that a rape had taken place although one of the girls in question said “it never happened”. When I ran into the Osborne case, I began to wonder who was the attorney for this case and why weren’t we hearing more about it in the commercial news? Personally, I get tired of seeing the repeat of finding men trying to molest children as a weekly diet of “news”. If anything it should be quite simple. Read them their rights, provide the evidence (the film) and prosecute accordingly, I don’t need to see repeat performances and seeing men in the process of rape is not entertaining. Maybe I’m stretching it, but my point is, someone is serving time for evidence that is available and apparent but not being used. The Osborne case does make you scratch your head and say, “what were they thinking” or ask yourself “is Alaska in the United States of America where they hide the evidence”?

And to think this man has been incarcerated without due process with the evidence against him for years. You might join me in paying attention to the Supreme Court ruling on this one. . .

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