Monday, March 30, 2009


To all those below who have expressed their ideas so beautifully, I would like to add my 2 cents worth. I have been banished from the universe by the great and all knowing LL so this may be my last communication before the firing squad. Is this intemperate talk, YES? Nevertheless, we are locked in a struggle for America, ours and our president or the Cons. His budget is under intense fire from the Cons and also from some Democrats. Has anyone remembered what Reagan spent on rearmament & doing such moronic things as decommissioning the US Missouri? The cost was 3 trillion bucks. Does anyone remember Chip O`Neal saying the most stupid political move he ever made was letting Reagan talk him into deregulating the Savings and Loan business which ended up costing the taxpayer’s 800 billion? And has anyone added up what Bushes Iraq war has cost thus far?

Has anyone paid attention to the fact that we spend 4 times as much as any other country in the world on guns. Does anyone remember Eisenhower warning about the Military/Industrial Complex just before leaving office? The intelligence services in our country knew the Soviet Economy was falling apart as early as the late sixties?

(Pictured: David Halberstam) * So why have we allowed the Cons to run up trillions in guns to fight boogymen that don`t exist? MONEY. Read The Mission by Dana Priest, a reporter for the Washington Post and then read House of War ,a story of the growth of the Defence Department and supporting evidence of Priest`s belief that the Defence Dept runs our Foreign Policy. And does anyone remember Hitler, Stalin,Tojo and others that rose up out of economic chaos, and will rise again. We need somehow to reacquaint the American people with the fact that the cost of worldwide chaos and war and especially human suffering will cost K-trillions. What Obama spends in reversing this slide towards depression will be nothing compared to what the cost will be to fix things then. I get a little exasperated with all the call for political niceness and politeness when we are dealing with the likes of Canter and the other Ideologists in the Con party. They won`t listen to us no matter what. They only respond to Power and Money. We need to permanently take both of these away from them. And yes our party is as guilty as the Cons & if you don`t believe this, read The Best and The Brightest by David Halberstam.

I continue to applaud Paul Currier for his intelligence and hard work .He is the first human dynamo. So maybe he can find a way to let the American people know this most important history at least as I see it. I think it provides a challenge to the Cons when they say Obama is going to destroy our country, when they have come as close to doing this in the last 8 years as has ever happened.

Thanks & I`m out of here.


Robert A.Schweissinger, MD

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