Monday, May 9, 2011

Obama on Usama

We need to give thanks to the men and women who put their lives on the line in the effort to give the fatal blow to those that would try to kill the American dream with random acts of terrorism.
With the death of UBL you might trust that Memorial Day will be even more outstanding and well attended ceremony by local Americans.”

I believe we can all agree that taking options require setting a goal, strategically getting the best information that you can acquire, questioning the strategical options to accomplish the mission, seeking out the opinions of the “best of the best” available to you. Because of the thoroughness required you will be placing Plan A, Plan B and Plan C in place in the event that “Plan A” is compromised. You know that taking a commitment and riding out the consequences of the decision made requires responsibility and steadfastness. We can be proud of hope we have seen in the campaign promise of President Barack Obama to its fruition.

Steve Croft of “60 Minutes” was able to facilitate Obama providing us that “the mood was intense . . . everyone listening, and monitoring in real time. Obama continued, “that one of the great successes of this operation is that we were able to keep this a secret, be cautious and optimistic” at the same time. He offered that any leak not only would compromise the mission, but also, kill the men who were involved.

Nervousness did come into play. Though the strike’s timeline was intended to take 40 minutes, and although short, he said it seemed like a long time.

Obama says that “there are no doubt that we killed Usama bin Laden”. The treasure trove of information is being analyzed and hopefully will lead to high value targets, plots, how they operate, and their methodology of communicating.

Obama exclaimed that the graphic photos of bin Laden being shot in the head would not be used so as not to incite propaganda and make his kill into a “trophy”. Obama says Usama bin Laden got the justice that he deserved. However, we do not need to spike the football and the graphic nature of the photos to create or increase security risks for the troops still in the area.
He stated that in July troops will be drawn down and Americans will be involved in the training Afghanistan has to secure and stabilize their country and to remove our footprint in the country. American soldiers will leave Afghanistan.

In lieu of Pakistan saying that this is an American trick with Al Qaeda members, the signal is that those that are affiliated with terrorist organizations are going to be on the losing side and that they will have more sense to get involved in the political process rather than the methodologies that they have been engaged in.

The hope is that those members of Al Qaeda and the Taliban will not find the country a safe haven for more activities but learn how to get involved in the political building of the country.
Obama said that “We don’t think that a photograph in of itself matters”. He offered that “it was a joint decision to bury him at sea. We tried to consult with experts in Islamic law and ritual that was appropriate and respectful of the body.”

When the mission was over Obama says that he “walked out with my team and said we got him”. His aides and congressional leaders were then told what happened. He congratulated the situation team members who rode out the 45 minutes with him. Obama says that he did not even tell his family members and his closest White House aides. The fact that they were surprised is true.

So now we can wonder whether or not the legislature will continue to supply billions of dollars in aid to the Pakistani people. Even though Pakistan is one of our allies, the fact that we have been able to kill more terrorists on Pakistani soil than any other country raises the country’s loyalty quotient.

But now more than ever we must work more effectively than we have in the past. And in the months to come, Obama says that there were will more assaults.
Obama has subsequently met family members at Ground Zero, visited fire fighters, went to Fort Campbell, Kentucky to meet the helicopter pilots, Special Forces personnel, and the Navy Seals face-to-face.

Unfortunately, American citizens won’t be able to know who the “American heroes” were who did the actual deed but we can say that “Justice was done” and we can soberly move forward with the continued promises of American hope that Obama said “begins with us”.
See you on the 2012 President Obama’s campaign trail. . . more fired up than ever before . . .

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