Monday, April 6, 2009

Steele enjoys playing chess with the Big Boys

BLOG Wednesday, March 25, 2009 I caught a video conversation Don Lemon of CNN news was having with Wolfe Blitzer. Lemon says that his response with Michael Steele, RN chair was quiet revealing when Steele offered that “I’m a cause and affect kind of guy”. Steele says that there is a logic behind his attacking Rush Limbaugh a couple weeks ago. Steele says that when he did this he was testing the landscape. He wanted to know who would yell the loudest as well as support him. He says he sees his next move as understanding his position on the chess board. At first, he said he wanted to see “Who are inside the tent with him and who are not”. By his testing the waters, he has a better understanding as to “how strategically he needs to play his next move. “ Lemon says that when asked whether or not Steele was interested in being a Republican Presidential candidate, Steele says that “if that is where God wants him to go, after conversation with his wife and children”. Steele continued that politics aren’t what they use to be. “There are so many moving parts and often you can’t keep up with everything that is going on so far in advance.” So is Michael Steele seeing that if the landscape was good enough for Obama that the landscape is good enough for him? For is Steele just drumming up support in a “stealthy way”?

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