Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Fight for Healthcare Reform

In creating a future of change, I agree it requires talking to neighbors, friends, family and congressional leaders. The future for our American grandchildren will require healthcare reform. If number crunchers have already determined that in another 15 years our healthcare premium costs will be equal to our take home pay. How are we going to live?

Not all families have the ability to have two or more breadwinners in one family. We are in a day and age of automation. Why should insurance companies utilize 30% of their costs for administrative needs? Why should insurance executives make 10 times the average income of the American citizens that they are fleecing for corporate jets, penthouses, exorbitant bonus plans, elaborate **** luxury resort motivational seminars, and vacation trysts?

Meantime, healthcare needs are minimalized or denied because it will diminish the lifestyles of the stockholders, the insurance executives and their bottomlines? If the insurance companies were truly honest they would accelerate incentives for illness prevention, encourage better eating habits and exercise programs, promote positive lifestyle choices and encourage physical and mental rest to increase healthy clientele. If your clientele were taking better care of themselves and not in need of your services other than for the unexpected things, would not this increase your bottomline and gain the trust of your clients? The question we need to ask ourselves is why would someone who has government tax paid Roll Royce insurance belittle you into believing it isn’t important for you to have affordable, adequate, and accessible medical coverage and a decent delivery system.

To do otherwise is downright “stupid-headed” and does not make much business sense either, if you are truly interested in your bottomline. To know this information is not enough! It is not political; it is human and echoes the sound like the same damn greed the financial institutions just pulled on us with their wholesale bad mortgages! This is what killed the real estate industry. Do not just read this and similar information. Do something to protect your investment in your healthcare future.

Fight for healthcare reform and do not allow others to assume you do not give a damn because you sit around being silent. Didn’t you learn anything from the past eight years? Change demands action.

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