Saturday, January 17, 2009


Well it is official! Democrats control the senate 58 to 41. In spite of the fact that the Senate told Blago not to appoint anyone, that anyone appointed would be rejected, because Blago was under a huge cloud of “selling Obama’s office to the highest bidder” and there are many recordings made by the Federal investigation team, Burris was cleared and sworn in today.

Yes, Former Attorney General of Illinois, Roland Burris is the official Senator representing Illinois in the 111th United States Congress, taking over the seat vacated by President Elect Barack Obama and sworn in by Vice President Dick Cheney while his wife, Berlean, held the Bible. He grinned through a standing ovation by Republican and Democratic Senators. (Note: Picture from the Associated Press photo file). According to CBS News today:

Reid and Durbin initially balked at accepting the appointment, and Obama, too, made his displeasure known. But Burris hung in. He testified under oath that he promised nothing in return for the appointment, and he got his Illinois paperwork in order. After a week of tangling, Burris got Senate Democrats to accept the appointment on Monday.

He will finish out Obama's two-year term as among the lowest of the lowly freshmen in the Senate hierarchy.

If Burris expects to win the seat outright in two years, he'll need to quickly win over leaders of his party whose blessing can help raise campaign cash. That's a tall order considering he has little if any legislative experience. And some Senate Democrats are still smarting over being all but forced to seat him.

Trust me, we haven’t heard the end of this little fiasco. Enough said. . . oh by the way, I voted “I have mixed feelings”. Peace out,

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