Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Responsibility in Reporting

There is a video that is being passed out (in the millions) and mailed out which maligns Obama with the Arabic and Muslim community.

The promoters chide that they paid a regular advertising fee and mailing fees to get them inserted. This is obviously part of the Republican October surprise. But it’s no surprise that there are so many innuendos and out-and-out lies being perpetrated to support their candidate of choice, John McCain. The papers should be more mindful of how they are being used to distribute this erroneous information. We understand the freedom of speech and the fact that elections are often very nasty, but who takes responsibility to that speech when one calls out “FIRE” in a crowd at a critical PSYCHOLOGICAL MOMENT!

We are hoping this doesn’t mean an organized swipe at OBAMA is to come. Even though we are pleased to hear the endorsement of General Colin Powell on Meet the Press this morning, along with General Wesley Clark and General James P. Hoar. We wonder whether or not this may also amplify the division between the two parties. The 2008 election cycle will end on November the 4th.

The division of the country can go into more conflict being that our financial situation has ignited foreign markets, communities falling apart due to job losses and foreclosed homes, and the ongoing war in Afghanistan and Iraq making us all more vulnerable. We hope the media takes on more extended responsibility and recognizes that we are out of balance.

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