Friday, April 4, 2008


MEDIA PRESSURE: Does the media 24 hour pressure and no off camera moments everywhere cause politicians to make hyperbolic, lying, making up the truth, mistruths, stretching the truth, fast and loose with the facts, malicious misleading statements act like Dumbo or Pinocchio? Well I started paying attention to this recently.

HILLARY—In a CBS poll 48% say she is honest, 42% say she is phony.
Clinton’s staff claimed Obama is a Muslim and only changed his religiosity when he decided to run for President of the US. Obama is apparently making a deal with African Somalian leaders because a picture of him trying on a turban, Somalian dress, and adjusting a sword all part o a gifted outfit when he was visiting the country. Obama was taught at an early age to hate Americans by his mother and father enrolling him in a madrassa school; this was why in kindergarten he wrote an essay “Why I want to be President”. He must have some tie to the bin Laden 9/11 plot because his middle name is “Hussein”. Do you know how many people in the world have Hussein in their names? His stepfather was a Muslim so he was being raised as a Muslim too. He was possibly selling drugs when he was a community organizer, Wink! Wink! Nod…says by Bob Jones, former founder of BET. She lies on herself too. She had to duck and cover to get to an awaiting car when she arrived in Beirut during the fall of the country to meet the U.S. troops, so she is “battle hardened” well Chelsea was there too, what does that make her a stellar member of Black Water now?

OBAMA--Father’s trip to the US was funded by the Kennedy family. A misspeak? Why even say it? 1965 March on Selma inspiring his parents to fall in love with one another however 4 years before that is when Obama was conceived. Although Reverend Wright was his mentor and great spiritual advisor and friend “like an Uncle to me” for years, he never heard him make accusations that “the US be damned” and other diatribes against the US domestic and foreign policies?
What about Experience and Readiness for office, isn’t this more important that what my minster said today? Doesn’t his legislative record in Illinois count for anything, don’t they vet candidates anymore? Compared to Clinton’s claims if she was Pinocchio should have a tree encircling her head.

McCain Al-Queda is a threat to Iraq and will do everything possible to take over the country. A larger misspeak to cause individuals to say he is now the McBush? And we all know that following Bush’s plan is not well respected of likened by either side of the aisle. However when the candidate is charming, well liked by the media these kinds of comments are slimed down to “obnoxious, overly optimistic and controversial statements. Then I heard a revelation: Trustworthiness and strong leadership qualities are the key factors voters will be looking for in the Pennsylvania contest April 22nd, 2008. Thank God, I thought it was going to be “the greatest story ever told”.

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