Friday, February 1, 2008

Wesley Snipes

February 1, 2008 ABC News just announced that actor Wesley Snipes’ jury made a judgment in Florida that Wesley is technically only being charged for three misdemeanor charges totaling $21,000,000 in charges for not filing these tax returns in six years. The two felony counts were dropped.

Is he being slapped on the wrists? The Moral conscientiousness of having to pay taxes is under the microscope. I didn’t know there was a serious movement out there to let people know that paying taxes is unconstitutional. Snipes was to be serving a 16-year sentence with extra penalties for $12,000,000 tax evasion charges. The jury technically agreed that he can’t defraud if he doesn’t file the taxes because then there is no proof of intent. Depending on which news channel you listen to, they say that the prosecutors in the case didn’t have a strong enough case and presented it poorly. So this gives him time to file? So is he off the hook? I wish Wesley well. I love his movies. The largess Black strong, physical man, persevering against the many odds, even when he was the evil drug dealer, “just making a living”. Being the creepy “savior of man” in the blood-letting movie “Blade” was a little bit weird. I can only imagine the anxiety he is going through considering where he has been in life from the ghetto to the movie star. Where was his business manager or accountant in all of this? Are they being penalized? No mention of them. And then the real question revisited is whether or not the Constitution says that Americans are required to pay taxes on wages or not. Some people point to paying taxes as a secret created at Jekyl Island by a distinguished group of financial men, who control our federal reserve system. It is purported by Irwin Schiff and Banister and a group of retired IRS agents that there isn’t anything in the Tax Codes supporting such investigations. There was supposed to be more agents ready to come forward at Snipes’ case but the judge stopped that parade. Have you noticed this isn’t covered in the media with the fervor as the Democratic debates?

The Banister film Aaron Russo’s “America: Freedom to Fascism”, the authorized final director’s cut in essence says that “there are 3 million Americans that don’t pay taxes at all”. Is it because they know this little known secret? WOW, to hide $12,000,000 when the rest of us little people can barely make $40,000 a year!! Shoot I have been looking for a “decent job” since my 1996 layoff. Where is your human resource officer? Say Snipes! How are employment opportunities at your foundation? But take those taxes and FICA out of my check; I can’t afford a good tax attorney like you can. Yes I have to believe that there is change to believe in, it can’t get any worse. Can it? Come on OBAMA get into office and put your economic stimulus package to work and I don’t mean borrowing trillions from China and Japan either. Don’t they hold enough of our debt? Oh by the way, Obama, I did apply to your campaign, three times and made phone calls, never heard from them . . . Nervie, Santa Clarity Valley

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