Tuesday, January 22, 2008

OBAMA-ITES January 22, 2008

Remember if they were being paid to say the negatives on the phone it would be called "push polling". The goal is to put doubt in the minds of those that hear the misinformation and negative lies or conversation regarding the negative.

It is our role to make sure this doesn't happen. As soon as you hear someone saying the contrary explain this concept to others.
Carl Rove was great at it, they called it "planting a seed of doubt", they killed McCain in 2000 and destroyed his chances for the presidency by advertising it (prior to Swift-boat style but without the collaborators). They also call this Rovian Tactics, but the methodology is as old as politics. With the inception of radio, TV and computers, the information can simply be passed on faster giving the impression that it is truth not some found rumor. But the opponents are counting on people believing them so others will see Obama in "their eyes" to diminish, destroy and lessen his chances of others voting for him. This works with people who are thin skinned, undecided, frighten of politics and believe anything anyone tells them.

Here's an example, McCain saw a child in deep need of medical assistance in Mother Teresa's Orphanage, he told his wife, (they accused him of being unfaithful to her and having had intercourse with the child's mother and was masking bringing her to the US because she needed medical assistance and to salve his guilt). His attractive well-dressed and serene blonde wife went to see the child (when she went to the orphanage to arrange to have the child taken out of Mother Teresa's Orphanage in Bangladesh, India and brought her Arizona to one of the top medical facilities for months of medical assistance). I amplify his wife's appearance because they tried to make it sound as though "his wife is so beautiful why would he cheat on her". Because they didn't have the child on the family Christmas card, people's tongues started wagging (he is ashamed of her and this is why she isn't in the family picture) truth was she was still in the hospital having suffered from malnutrition. The election was in South Carolina, where pockets of racism still run rampant and people want to wave the Confederate flag and don't necessarily believe that racism is wrong. Operatives placed an ad in SC’s newspapers and tv saying that McCain had intercourse with this African American and hence this was an attack on "white womanhood", etc. Well, the child, Bridget, happens to have very dark skin and thick silky black hair. She is Indian not African-American, but to operatives it reads better.

There was no mention that she was a benevolence adoption because Mrs. McCain loved her and wanted to keep her in the family. Trust me gang, we haven't seen anything yet, we can only brace ourselves for more of Clinton's and republican attacks, because they are obviously scared that Obama is getting more traction and SC is a huge state win. Stay tuned Saturday and keep on keeping on. OR as Obama says, "Fired UP and Ready to GO", Repeat that mantra every morning “Fired up and Ready to Go” when you get up. It works for me. If you don’t believe any of this, check with the New York Times and Washington Post. Just sharing....

Nervie, Santa Clarita Valley

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