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Wednesday, March 12, 2008


FINALLY: Obama is punching back. Clinton stated that even though she is in second place with the delegates and superdelegates that Obama should still concede to being Vice President and she'll be the President. The pundits are saying that Obama has finally responded to the post-it note she put on him that says "kick me, kick me". Clinton's camp says Obama may not have the international skills but maybe he can acquire them by August Convention time. What an insult! But then again, the spokesperson says "they don't know how". Don't tick your teeth yet, check this out. . .

Overall: They just announced on the local news that Eggs are up 66%, cheese is up 16%, vegetables up 25% and gas is up to $3.65/gallon. It is projected that gas will be $4.00/gallon this summer, so get ready! That bike shop down the street says their prices are going up too. People are turning their cars in for the "hybrids" and compacts again. I'm looking for a pair of boot skates.

Dining out, the commentator said, is cheaper when you have a large family. The news camera was spanning a large smörgåsbord type place, couldn't see the name of the establishment. This reminded me of one of the "elegant" ladies of the DNC saying this weekend that she had no shame and took some sandwich bags when she went to the Sizzler's, she got get some strawberries, cantaloupe and tomatoes. With these prices farmers are being hit hard too because they are loosing .5% a week because stores aren't buying as much. Imagine what the homeless are feeling.

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