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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Clinton's Long Nose

“I remember landing under sniper fire”, says Hillary at a St. Patrick’s Day rally. With the caption “Ready to Bring our Troops Home” on the front of the podium. Jeff Greenfield says “this is a misstatement of fact”. Keeping track of the “embellishing”, The Washington Post says that Clinton has given 4 misstatements so far.

If she were Pinocchio would her nose be a twig by now? Or maybe she is a fan of Groucho Marx who said, “Are you going to believe me or your lying eyes” regarding her trip to Bosnia March 25, 1996. In her book she recalls the situation but doesn’t say anything about sniper fire.

Sinbad says that “all they were worried about was when we were going to eat lunch”.There were children all around her. Her daughter was even with her. Yes the military was visibly everywhere but she is the First Lady with child going into Tuzla, Bosnia after the war was over but to encourage the troops during the clean up.

Cheryl Akis, the young impressionable CBS embedded journalist on the trip that day, says that Clinton may be taunting battle-tested experience but riding with Clinton she remembers a completely different story and provided the film. Admitting that the media had received reports from the military that there were hostilities still going on miles away in the hills, but not Clinton’s account, “I remember landing under sniper fire”. (There was no sound of sniper fire). “It was suppose to be a some kind of greeting ceremony at the airport but instead we just ran with our heads down to get the vehicles so we could get to our base”. You didn’t see any one running or any quick movement. She walked casually with Chelsea to waiting soldiers. There was a young child handing her some flowers which Clinton bent over and accepted. She posed for a picture with the child and other young people. You see Clinton smiling. No signs of stress whatsoever. You see Chelsea and her walking and greeting more troops. Later at the Navy base you see her walking up stairs to the stage mike. Clinton is smiling, waving and greeting the troops. Later you see footage of her singing at the show. Again, no visible signs of stress, anguish or worry. She appears with Cheryl Crow and Sinbad (the comedian). This is supposed to be a battle testing experience?

This is to make it appear that she is the person to call at 3:00am in the morning? This is the person running for President of the United States who is giving an example and recalling her tough foreign ability stance. So far I haven’t heard any media response of this incident with Cheryl Crow who was also on the plane.

Later on the news, Lissa Muscatine, her wide eyed staff person says it really isn’t a misstatement because there was sniper fire that you could hear in the mountains surrounding the area that they were having to land in where the reception was supposed to occur. After reviewing the video footage and interviewing the CBS media that was on the plane with Clinton, she has subsequently said that “I misstated”. Feigning that it was a while ago and maybe she doesn’t remember it with such clarity. The real question is “why lie in the first place?” Did she really believe that the media wouldn’t fact check? Cheryl Akis, doing the fact check, simply says that ‘politics should match the video tape’.

Well in defense of Hillary, because I am a Democrat, did Hillary think that the media wouldn’t be doing their job considering the performance of the media for the past seven years and the “free passes” they constantly have given Bush. You might think this gives her fodder for thinking this. So is this exactly what she was counting on, “a free pass”?

Come on Obama, the Hope we are looking for, bring it on . . . I’m going to say the word. We are sick of this “lying”. Now I said it. “Li-yar Li-yar pants on fi-yar”.

Minerva Williams,
Mighty Thunder

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