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Wednesday, March 18, 2009


There has been increasing disgust towards AIG in the past week. You would have to say that AIG earned the indignation considering the federal bailout and that the same division that almost bankrupted the company is now receiving bonuses for their risky and flagrant behavior. Because the employees almost succeeded at destroying the company, they are revered. Maybe the goal was to show, that even if they did destroy the company, that being so large the American people and our American government, who are so enamored over the glorification of money, would worship these employees. Who took the short bet that the demise of Mega Corporation would only make our government comfort and protect all them from normal bankruptcy laws, and keep them afloat? I bet you wish you had a stake in it.

As one commentary read in Salon Magazine, “Life was really sucking chicken boogers” and then the hilarious review on AIG came along causing him a gutbucket-laughing season that many similar readers needed. I was not able to laugh; maybe I take losing millions of hard working Americans’ money too seriously.

Obama may change his slogan at the bequest of Jay Leno on next Thursday with, “Oh, no you don’t”. Moreover, I would second that recommendation. In addition, I hope Leno is able to hear a candid Barack Obama commit on this incident.

Maybe I should not be so harsh considering I got a call from them the other day, asking if I were interested in immediate employment. I asked, “But aren’t you guys going bankrupt?”
“No”, the enthusiastic head hunter replied, “that’s the media for you, they say the funniest things you know . . .” I held on to the line not knowing whether to sigh or ask more questions. I did neither; she continued, “Will you please send your resume to the following fax number and we’ll call you back for an interview”. I wrote the fax number down but still have not faxed the resume.

We need to stop idolizing people who make their money off the backs of those who do not know the meaning behind the “fine print”. We need to reassess our cultural adaptation that lucre is not filthy that it purchases us prestige, power, and respect. We need to address our narcissistic morality that only applies when our reckless attitudes and behavior puts the spotlight on us. Or maybe we need to recommend that those financial planners involved in the economic disaster hold hands aligning Wall Street and take a huge suicide pact at noon, then we won’t have to put their parents, family members, and neighbors through the humiliation of seeing them answering to grand juries, trials, and media empathy. While we are at it, allow the insurance companies to pay the widows, widowers and beneficiaries unless they too are in the financial industry. This would solve some economic problems; it would stimulate the funeral industry and all of the supportive small businesses: floral shops, limousine services, casket makers, the Neptune society, black ready wear, mortgage lending, church services and the divesting of property. Need I say more? This might also send a message to those who are supposed to be in the people business that they have an obligation to the people they serve. However, you know this will not happen, because we revere moneychangers. Maybe Jesus knew what he was doing when he turned over their temple tables. I can think of a couple 401K portfolio planners’ asses I would like to kick also especially when you know they had to know.

Minerva Leah Williams

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