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Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Yes I understand it is the Constitutional right as governor of a state to appoint a qualified individual when a seat is open, however Obama’s Senatorial seat is still causing uproar and no drama Obama is not in agreement with the appointment.

It appears that with Burris’ impressive resume, Burris will meet with Harry Reid on Wednesday morning. Legally Burris is legit, however he is poison because he is BLAGO’s appointment. Will someone in the media just say the words, “ethical”? What is the ethical way of handling this situation? And why didn’t the Democratic Party just hold the special election in the first place? Because Illinois is economically strapped? Or is it that Blago is very savvy on the political chess board?

Has Burris’s firm contributed to any of Blago’s appointments, yes. It is believed to be $140K. Did Burris run against Blago, yes. And he lost. Is Burris aware of the letter of the law, yes. He is an accomplished attorney and was the Illinois State Attorney General. Has Burris been known to be given to drama in the past. Not as of this writing, but I am researching the topic. Is Burris playing the racial card, maybe. Fact, the racial component with the 111th Congressional Assembly is that there aren’t any African Americans in the senate now that President elect Obama’s seat is up. Does this in of itself seem odd? Yes. That in 2009 there aren’t any other African American senators in the United States Congress. You bet and that may be one of the “wake up calls” that Burris is quietly holding in his arsenal.

Obama says that Burris should not be seated in a previous statement but agrees Burris is an accomplished man. The done deal would be to tell Burris that he can’t run for office in 2010 because of the “taint” of the appointment in the first place. However it would also give validity to Blago’s appointment. Burris says that he won’t promise to be a “seat filler” up to the 2010 election. He says that he wants to openly run for the seat in 2010 because his supporters and friends told him to do so.

Has Reid revealed his hand on whom he would prefer to see taking the seat. Yes. Both are accomplished women but neither to my knowledge is African American.
As for Blago, I can see him now sitting in his den eating popcorn watching the fall out of his actions on the evening news. Will this current scenario effect the federal investigation against Blago’s previous behavior? Maybe, but the Democratic Party is full of attornies who “know the game” and know how it is played. Will Blago eventually be indicted, who knows, but to have asked for a thirty day extension seems to indicate that this is a serious case Fitzgerald does not intend on loosing. Do you believe that Blago should be shaken by this? Based on the released tapes, Maybe, Maybe not!.
But we are talking about someone who believes he has the political system by the (BEEP) and they have several recordings of this. Don’t you just love technology?

What I question is the wisdom of a man who would take such an appointment when even he was complaining of Blago trying to sell the seat in the first place. Unless he is in deep need of attention, or believes he is executing an act of Solomon (biblical wise king mentioned in the Bible) why would one’s ego take on such an appointment in the first place? It was mentioned for the first time by interviewing reporters in the airport that another person was originally appointed the position before Burris, who turned it down.
You could tell by the expression on Burris’s face that either he didn’t know this or expect the reporter to ask.

Also in the range of additional senatorial fiasco’s, funny man Al Franken didn’t show up to work today either. It appears the Coleman attorneys are requesting that all of Coleman’s court actions be answered before Franken is sworn in. Meantime, because Coleman’s term ended last Friday, this is one less member of congress from Minnesota in chamber today and the office is still closed.

Well, I’m on my way to meet with my three Republican business partners, I know I won’t hear the end of this drama and mess behind the senate appointments. Again “ready for television movies” and we can only hope for the better. . . Peace Out, Minerva

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