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Monday, January 5, 2009

BLOG January 4, 2009: Day four of the New Year and 16 days before Obama becomes the official President of the United States. When a country doesn’t have formal military forces, how are they supposed to defend themselves, especially when their country is occupied by a foreign nation? Will someone please answer this for me?

Why isn’t this a normal legal procedure. They are violating the use of court using military means. Is this because the United States did this for 9/11 to justify invading two countries? And guess what; the United Nations can’t make a decision on what is the proper process, in spite of it being in plain view, at least as seen through the perspective of FOX and CNN.

Governor Richardson of New Mexico declined the Secretary of Labor position. Richardson is one of the highest ranking Latino Americans in the Democratic Party, so we are talking a huge loss here.

NewsMax and the Republicans are calling it a second example of “Pay to Play”, The Governor Blago situation being the first example.

Apparently a California contractor won a $1.34 million transportation project in New Mexico, raising eyebrows because the company is also cited as having been a large campaign donor for the Richardson for President 2008 campaign. Citing that “to not interfere with the current economic situation and requiring a couple months to clear” it would also slow down any actions Obama will be required to take to solve the various labor plans.

Where is Bush? Has he disappeared off the radar? It frightens me to think what he might be up to.

Cheney is still trying to convince us that his neocon buddies need to provoke Iran so he can upset the entire Middle East before he goes out of office. Call it World War III.

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