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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Biden’s Message

I received a short notice by email from the Biden campaign; he calls it a “Reality Check” Biden reminds us that Gore was 20 points ahead of Bush in 2004 and it didn’t stop Bush from marching all over Gore’s “people win” in the end. Well these aren’t exactly the words he chose, but it does conjure up Greg Palast’s claim that Florida was planned and there is reason to believe that Ohio was preselected as one of the swing states last time. Lord knows what the outcome for the next state or states will be. McCain seems so desperate to me.

I mean, did you take the time to watch the final debate last night. I swear someone was orchestrating McCain in the ear. He came on the set like he was on fire and determined to break Obama’s spirit. He would have been so much better off just saying to the American people, this is what I am going to do for you with the economy being in the shape that it is in. He could have come up with some concrete scenarios, and not sound like a character out of the grumpy old men movie series. I heard one commentator saying he reminded him of “Mr. Wilson” in Dennis the Menace. Boy did I get a hardy laugh out of that one.

The Republicans are making this sound like it is the first time they have ever heard of individuals filling out federal or state forms in mass and in error. Didn’t the Democrats learn this from them? Didn’t sound to me that the culprits were that bright or they were even crafty in their endeavor. Where were their managers, Oh yeah, this is coming on the wings of mortgage brokers, and real estate lenders, and banks approving bogus loans where it is now affecting the entire global market? Yes, the voter registration office has to work a lot harder to assess the pattern, sounds like they can earn some over time to me, but shouldn’t they have determined this months ago? I remember in 2000 when the same thing was done in Nevada but it was the republicans caught with their hands in the cookie jar, and of course they feign they didn’t know the rules either. Doing this doesn’t make it right, but if I recall correctly the world is going into a massive recession and we are talking about 2,000 phantom voters who haven’t even voted!!

If all employers were required to treat voting days as paid holidays, maybe everyone would take the time to go to their local poll.

Many European countries do this, why can’t we? We get President’s day off, we celebrate Valentine’s Day, Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day and other commercial madness, why not “President and Vice President of the United States Day”??

Now can Obama take this on when he gets to the White House? Let’s revise the manner that we vote as a nation. President Jimmy Carter has been raising Cain for years now on the ridiculousness and partiality of it all. They said that international body of legal voting rights wouldn’t even approve of what we are doing in the United States, so we should change this procedure immediately so we are practicing the democracy we crave and rave about. I’m sure we have a few geniuses at Harvard and Stanford that can figure this out.

We can’t be complacent and assume because of what the polls are saying that this race is the “slam dunk of the month”. I remember the Bradley factor too. I don’t want to sound pessimistic either but let’s not forget history or it will surface again. Precautionary steps should be made to go back to every Obama supporter that told us that they were going to Vote for Barack and make sure those that had early ballots turned them in. Remind them that leaving them in the out box of their desks will NOT get it to the Registar’s office. We also need to check in the local community for those that may need rides to the polls. I’ll be working ours so I’ll know by noon who didn’t show up at our location. At lunch time, I’ll be making phone calls and nagging the heck out of folks that “promised”. Our local Democratic chapter is even asking ladies to make calls at various locations. Sometimes a little nag motivates folks and makes them feel loved! I don’t know about you but I don’t want to see another newspaper come out in three hours announcing to me that there is a discrepancy as to who has won the Presidency. I don’t think my heart can stand the excitement again three times in a row.

I believe that ACORN is a distraction; if the person’s handwriting is that evident, pull all of the applications. But isn’t it a matter of who pulls the lever that is the real determinant here, not who registered? Admonish the people who lied to get paid, and let’s move on. By the way, I don’t believe the guy filling out 73 forms to help the person get paid; could he really make up that many names? Someone had to have paid him under the table and besides, the number 73 doesn’t even ring true to me. And he said he didn’t know this was wrong, OK he got his 15 minutes of national radio and television. Give the rest of us a break!

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