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Friday, March 7, 2008

From Mole Hill to Mountain

February 25, 2008 Hillary supporters, “making a mountain out of a mole hill” again, why don’t you all just grow up? When the going get’s tough the tough gets real “silly”. So the man put on headdress and a cover and you want to continue conveying to people that Obama is a Moslem when he told you that he was not. So are the Hillary campaign leaders causing voters to think that Obama is a Moslem again? Haven’t we heard enough explanations for what his name means. Aren’t these scare tactics normally done on the phone and called push polling. Obama has been vetted by our United States Senate. He said he wasn’t a Moslem. He has been a member of the same Christian church for over twenty years. His church exclaims pride in being an African-American. So if I saw Hillary in traditional dress of another country, I would call her a secret member of that group to question her patriotism and religiosity? Give me a break!! But again, does this mean that Hillary’s supporters don’t want any members of the American Moslem community to vote for her? So if a moslem did vote for her would she throw their votes back? I guess Bush dancing with the Kenyans this week makes him a secret African now? Oh, that’s right you better not bring up his name, that causes too many people to snear. He couldn’t possible be acting as an Ambassador of the United States, now that is to diplomatic and all Hillary is looking for is a good “verbal and fist fight”. Kinda makes you wonder what really does go on behind closed doors with Bill and Hillary. And as for the big yellow Bumble bee sweatshirt, Hillary, you should have been showing that casual loveable side a long time ago. But watch out you media folks, she smiles sweetly, makes endearing comments, brings you donuts, shakes your hand, then bites your head off as soon as you print the truth so wait until the plane lands before you email that story.

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